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Green Party Lobby Day to Promote Public Funding of Elections April 3 in D.C.

Mon, 04/01/2019 - 11:29am
Sponsored by the National Women's Caucus of the Green Party of the United States

Green Party members from across the country will converge on Washington, D.C., the week of April 1-5 from 10 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. to lobby their senators and representatives to support public only funding for their campaigns. Greens will also encourage them to sponsor a congressional bill to free elections from bribery cash: special interest PACs, corporate and dark money donations.

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Green Party New York supports Cuomo's effort to expand NYPA role with renewable energy

Tue, 03/26/2019 - 4:50pm

ALBANYThe Green Party of New York today urged state legislative leaders to drop their opposition to the Governor's budget proposal to expand the role of the New York Power Authority (NYPA) in developing renewable energy, including providing electricity to CCAs (Community Choice Aggregation) and other public entities.

"With time running out to save life on this planet from catastrophic climate change, this is not the moment for state lawmakers to focus on protecting the profits of private developers of renewable energy. This needs to be an all-hands-on-deck moment. Public ownership of renewables would speed up their development and reduce costs for consumers," noted Peter LaVenia, state party co-chair.

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DC Statehood Green Party: Ward 2 DC Councilmember Evans must resign

Mon, 03/18/2019 - 3:52pm

Washington, DC -- The DC Statehood Green Party is urging Washington, DC Ward 2 Council Member Jack Evans to resign from his seat immediately. Party members said that, over the course of his tenure, Evans has abused the prestige of the office for personal gain and has a sordid history of engaging in questionable activities that warrant scrutiny.

While Council Members can hold additional jobs, the Rules of Organization and Procedure for the Council of the District of Columbia, R. 202(a) states that "Council members and staff shall maintain a high level of ethical conduct in connection with the performance of their official duties and shall refrain from taking, ordering, or participating in any official action that would adversely affect the confidence of the public and the integrity of the District government."

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PA Green Party Statement in Response to Terror and Violence in Christchurch

Sat, 03/16/2019 - 6:07pm

The following statement by Green Party of Pennsylvania Co-chair Alan Smith concerns the senseless hate crime committed in Christchurch, NZ, on March 15.

Asalaam Alaikum. Peace be unto you.

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Greens oppose Central Maine Power corridor

Thu, 03/14/2019 - 12:02pm

Augusta, ME -- The Green Independent Party has taken a position opposing a Central Maine Power (CMP) proposal to create a 145-mile transmission line corridor that would deliver electricity from Canada to Massachusetts.

Central Maine Power, which would distribute power provided by Hydro-Québec, has failed to provide evidence that the proposal would reduce climate-changing emissions and has admitted that it does not know what the sources of energy will be.

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Green Party Slams Healthcare and Marijuana Omissions In One-House Budget Resolutions

Wed, 03/13/2019 - 3:26pm

NEW YORKGreen Party officials said today that while there were some positives in the Assembly and Senate one-house budget resolutions, they did not move far enough or fast enough on critical issues such as healthcare, ending the drug war, and wealth inequality. Party officers said the Legislature needed to ensure it passed crucial legislation this session outside of the budget process, and that the party and its members would continue to press their agenda.

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Green Party Agrees it is Time to Get Rid of Electoral Fusion

Tue, 03/05/2019 - 8:19am

Albany - The Green Party of New York agrees with Monday’s decision by the Democratic Party State Committee to ban electoral fusion, though for fundamentally different reasons. Fusion, often presented as a tool to expand democratic choice, is in reality ballot lines-for-hire used to entrench the two-party system and provide political cover for the Democratic and Republican parties. It enables patronage machines that masquerade as small parties and shifts power from rank and file party members to candidates and campaign donors. And it contributes to an electoral arena where it is all but impossible for legitimate, independent third-parties like the Greens to compete. Fusion breeds confusion.

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