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  • Green Candidates to Watch

  • Vote Green: Save Ohio

  • Endorsement of Issue #18


    The so called "war on pot" has proven to be an abject failure. Zero tolerance policies and mandatory minimum sentences have needlessly filled our prisons with non violent cannabis offenders over the past decades, all for possessing a plant.

    Cannabis prohibition disproportionately impacts lower income, and communities of color with overpolicing and discriminatory enforcement. Cannabis has proven to have many medicinal benefits. This fact has been recognized by the Ohio legislature itself recently, when they legalized medical marijuana in Ohio.

  • Last Week of til General Election 2018

    We are really on the home stretch now and it is time to make a final push to Get Out the Vote for our Constance for Ohio ticket and our other Green Party candidates.

    MARK YOUR CALENDARS! On the evening of election day, November 6th, we will be gathering for our Green Party ELECTION NIGHT CELEBRATION at the Rehab Tavern in Columbus, from 6:30 to 11:00. All are invited to come to Columbus and honor the accomplishments of our volunteers and candidates alike, as we capture the momentum that will launch us into the 2020 election cycle. We will arrange carpools for people outside the Columbus area. Please check out the event link on facebook at this LINK ! This FREE EVENT, is sponsored by the Constance for Ohio campaign. RSVPs are appreciated.

  • Endorsement of Issue #1


    From the desk of Ohio Green Party co-chairs Nathaniel David Lane and Anita Rios

  • Ohio LinuxFest is HERE!



  • Ohio Green Party Rally October 2018

    Organized to support the campaign of Constance Gadell-Newton, and Brett Joseph, the Green Party candidates for Governor and Lt. Governor, the rally included a variety of speakers, notably Jill Stein, candidate for president in 2012 and 2016. The rally was hosted by Lydia's Restaurant in Cincinnati

  • Protest - Let Connie Debate!


  • Lake Erie Bill of Rights

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  • Midterm elections are a critical opportunity to break the power of the political duopoly