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Ohio Green Party - In-person Meeting

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Ohio Green Party - In-person Meeting

Event Date(s): 
Saturday, August 26, 2017 - 12:00pm to 5:45pm


Come out for the Ohio Green Party State Meeting. 

Final schedule :

11:30-12:00 setup

12:00-1:30 CC meeting 

1:30-2:00 pot luck

2:00-4:30 general meeting

4:30-5:00 cleanup

General Meeting Agenda:

-Welcome - Summit County Co-Chair Cassandra Lipari 5 min
-Early History of Ohio Greens - Cuyahoga County Co-Chair David Ellison 10 min
-Four Pillars and Ten Key Values - 2016 US Senate candidate Joe Demare 15 min
-Ballot Access - Ohio Volunteer Director Nathan Lane 15min
-Diversity in the Green Party - US Latinx co-chair Anita Rios 20min
-Break - 10 min
-The Importance of Running Candidates - Ohio Youth Caucus Co-director Samual Richards & 2018 Lt. Govenor candidate Brett Joseph 15 min
Caucuses - What they Stand and how to join them -15 min
2017 candidates - 20 min
Ohio gubernatorial candidate Connie Gadell-Newton - 15 min
Goodbye - Ohio Green Party co-chair Bob Fitrakis 10 min

Pride in Akron: Akron Pride will be happenng on the same day as the state meeting. If you'd like to march with Green Party of Summit County, please contact Cassandra Lipari. The March begins at 11am and will end some time after noon. Following the state meeting, we be inviting all in attendance to join us at the main Pride event at Hardesty Park on Market St. in Akron.