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Ohio Green Party Presidential Nominating Convention (Columbus) - results

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Ohio Green Party Presidential Nominating Convention (Columbus) - results

Event Location: 
Northwood-High Building - Room 100
2231 North High Street
43201 Columbus , OH
Event Date(s): 
Sunday, April 3, 2016 - 10:00am

Our Presidential Nominating Convention will be held on April 3rd in Columbus.   At this convention those who are registered Green through their local county Board of Elections will have the opportunity to help decide which Green Party Presidential candidate will be nominated to be on the ballot in November.   Casting a Green Party Ballot in the March primary will assure attendees the ability to vote their preference at the Convention.

All five candidates recognized by the Green Party of the United States will be invited to appear or have statements made on their behalf. 

Those candidates are (in alphabetical order): 


The location information for the Presidential Nominating Convention is:

Northwood-High Building (Room 100) located at 2231 North High St, Columbus, OH 43201     Time:  10am-4pm 

We have agreed to use “approval voting” as opposed to “instant runoff voting” to make the Ohio Green Party choice for president to be voted on at the Green Party Of the United States nominating convention to be held in Houston in August.  We will also choose our delegates to the national convention and other appropriate business for the presidential election year convention.