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May 6, 2017 Minutes State Central Committee

May 6, 2017 Minutes State Central Committee

State Central Committee Monthly Meeting
Report Document: 

Meeting Notes from Saturday, May 6, 2017  10:00 AM Ohio Green Party Call
1. Attendance & Quorum - 9 needed to have quorum for voting 
District 2::  Present:  Anita Rios,  Absent:  Alexandra Kendzierski, Monika Perry,  Joe DeMare
District 3:   Present:Logan Martinez,  Absent:Tim Bruce
Districts 4 : Present: Gwen Marshall, Don Rucknagel, Dorsey Stebbins, Nathaniel Lane (joined 10:22) 
District 6:   Present:  Robert Fitrakis, Suzanne Patzer, Tekla Taylor-Lagway, Connie Gadell-Newton, 
District 8:    Absent:  Jim Villani
District 9:  Present:  Stephen Caruso
District 11:   Absent:  Phil Mohorich (emailed in that he would not be able to be on call)
On call:  
Jake Ellis,  Director of Party Development <jake.anthony.e91@gmail.com>
Kevin Fay - Summit County - kevinmfay@hotmail.com
Samuel Richards - chair of Youth Caucus
Philena Farley - Digital Media Coordinator 
Not on call:  Becca Calhoun, Deputy Treasurer 
2. Minutes for April 15, 2017 - approved without objection
3. Financial report  - Tekla Treasurer & Becca Calhoun Deputy Treasurer   
As of today, 5/6/2017, we have a balance in our bank account of $4,262.09.  
Donations of $155 are not yet deposited ($100 money order and $55 not yet transferred from our PayPal account).  When those deposits have been made, the balance in the account will be $4,417.09.  That's roughly a decrease of $150 between the last financial report on April 15 and today .
There are no outstanding checks.
 From the email request we received donations $200 more since April 15, date of last financial report.
Between April 15 and now there were expenditures of $465.99
$450 for the bulk mail permit
$15.99 for checkbooks
We have one new sustainer.
4. Officer & Committee Chair Reports:  
a)  Co-Chairs: 
- Connie noted that things seemed to be moving along and there is a need for local outreach and working in counties to be prepared for the 2018 election (snowball effect) She also said that we need to make sure that these new folks know, understand and support the Green Party Values.
- Bob reported that progress is being made on bringing Baraka to Cleveland & that Erica of Cleveland has been very helpful on this.  
b)  National Campaign Committee- 
National meeting is in New Jersey - Waivers are available for black caucus members for the registration fees.
Mailed from GPUS 5/3/17:   2017 Green Party Annual Meeting in Newark, New Jersey, July 13-16?  We've all invested time getting to gatherings that end up being great chances to hang out for a couple days ... but not much else.  This year’s meeting will feature much more than just a gathering.  Early registration has been extended until May 15 or until we reach 50 registrations.  You can register at: https://store11450281.ecwid.com 
c)  marijuana committee - Many on the wait and see to see how the new law works.  Still using this issue for outreach. 
d) Youth Caucus-  
Update from Youth Caucus on developing internship program & Samuel has been working on the web site for the Youth Caucus:   ogpyc.org  
Samuel reported that they are currently focusing on the Cleveland area at this time.  They are having their best success with one-on-one contacts, currently have a consistent 7 or 8 members and do welcome advice and assistance from older people with more political experience.  
e) Black Caucus-  report by Philena - working on their mission statement,  they have taken the stance of nonviolence and she will report to national.  Philena is treasurer for National Black Caucus.  Currently 7 members of the Ohio caucus w/just 2 being official Greens until they can make the change in the 2018 primary.  
4.  Candidate Reports:
Connie is working on her (Running for Governor) website and will be making a formal announcement soon.  Phil will send out press release when it is ready.  Connie is still seeking a running mate and asks the Central Committee to send ideas and contact info of potentially qualified running mates. 
Jake is running for City Council in a partisan race as a Green .  He will have a fundraiser sometime in late June and will update us. 
Anita said that she has decided that she will not be running for Governor in 2018.  She also strongly suggested that we need to be collecting the needed 500 valid signatures now especially knowing that we can only have Greens and independents sign these petitions.
Bob reported that Progressive Democrats in Columbus advanced in the primaries for City Council.  Greens likely could have gotten someone on the ballot if we would have run someone.  
Comment:  We should refer to the ORC for candidate requirements.  Deadline to turn in the signatures would be in mid winter 2018.  The 2018 primary would be the 1st Tuesday (after a 1st Monday) in May 2018.  
State Reps. only need 25 valid Green Party &/or independent signatures
Connie reported that they do have someone in mind to run for State Treasurer, Paul Curry of Columbus, a Tax accountant.  
5.  Working committee reports: 
A.   Political Director - Joe (emailed report)
Political Director's Report  5/6/17
*Most of my efforts this past month have been working on the primary election in Bowling Green. We had four women running in the primary for two open seats: Carolyn Kawecka, Helen Dukes, Rosamond McCallister, and Beverly Elwazani. We secured good coverage in the local papers and the winners were interviewed on the college radio station the next morning. We also did door to door fliering. It was a cooperative primary, interestingly none of the candidates voted for themselves except Beverly. Carolyn and Beverly were the winners and will be on the ballot in November running against two Democrat Party women, one male Republican, and one independent Nathan Eberly, who used to be a Libertarian, but has left that party. There were 121 votes cast. We won't have the actual list from the BOE for a few weeks, but the number of Greens in Bowling Greens probably increased by 20% to 40%, including a few formerly very active Greens who had been seduced by Bernie and are now returning to the  fold.  
*David Cox has decided to run for Ohio Senate. It's in the 19th District which includes Knox, Delaware, and a gerrymandered "tail"  that extends into Franklin in order to neutralize OSU. I'm working with him, but if someone else more local wants to guide him through petitioning, etc. I will put him in touch with you.
*Have secured Bulk Mailing Permit 552  based in Toledo. Worked with Tekla in getting the payment through. Minimum bulk mailing is 200. If we follow their mail prep guidelines we will not have to pay an annual fee, and only have to pay postage from now on.  We need to send at least one mailing by October.
*Working with Jake on creating standard Thank You letters for our donors from the email campaign. Will work with him to prepare a postcard mailing and discuss other fundraising techniques. He wants to focus on things like facebook ads. I think it's a good idea and will work with him to make it happen.
*Working with Kirk and Jake on removing the Email list Unsubcribes and Bad addresses. Created a list of them and sent a copy of the full list, stripped down email list, and the bad addresses to them. They will remove the bad addresses and send the edited lists back to me. I will share with the committee. 
* Worked with Phil to do a statement on the Rover Pipeline.
Next Month
* Getting Postcard mailing going
* Recruiting more candidates for Ohio state house and senate and governor
*Helping BG candidates
*Helping David Cox and others
* Interest in approval voting is picking up. I think we should revisit Don's proposal at some point and approve approval voting. 
* I would like to consider the State Committee authorizing the Political Director to spend up to $25 per month on whatever expenses are we are allowed to spend without full approval of the committee. For example, I would like to drive to Columbus to meet with folks. That would just about cover gas for one trip. Targeted facebook ads, such as one aimed at Bowling Green Residents during the primaries or Cleveland residents for the Ajamu Baraka visit are pretty cheap and can boost our success. I am not making a formal proposal now, but will bring it up a the next meeting.  
B.   Director of Party Development - Jake Ellis - has been working on setting up an internship related to the Youth Caucus.  He is making sure it is in compliance with the Department of Labor standards.  He received list of contact info from Joe.  
C.   Digital Media Coordinator - Website Volunteer Update - Philena - 
Stats look good.  She wants to work on boosting ads on facebook and twitter, though we are doing ok without it.   Before we can do a Boost, we need to decide on who/what to target and with what message/content.  Stephen noted that there has been a consistent flow of likes and thinks that this is related to Nathan having taken over the Ohio Jill Stein County Facebook pages and Stephen has requested and Nathan confirmed that he be added as an Admin to help on this. Nathan is updating the County facebook pages.  


D.  Policy Advisor  - also not a filled position, like what Bob has been doing with the Stein Campaign and said that he is able to do this sort of thing for Ohio as the Co-Chair.  He is doing this on an interim basis - no report 
E.   Volunteer Coordinator - Nathan Lane has been working on making Jill Stein County Facebook pages into County Green Party Facebook pages and is asking for help from locals on this as well.  
F.   Press Secretary - Phil Mohorich (typed these in ahead of time since could not be on call)
Social Media report: 
             Twitter - 1775 followers
             Facebook - 1896 “likes” on our page
List of press releases since the previous meeting - 
“Green Party of Ohio calls for termination of Rover Pipeline project”
This release was distributed nationally by the national Green Party and also appears on the gp.org website.
Also re-posted one release from the national party on our website and twitter account.
Reports from other counties or statewide: -  no new information only
6. Old Business:
Proposal on Caucuses (Anita)
Discussion:  Anita clarified said that the current proposal would be temporary until established on a permanent basis on our By Laws from Convention’s authority.  She said that we need to establish an official way to remove a caucus as well. 
Connie read Anita’s proposal, and it was sent to committee members in advance of the meeting and again during the meeting.   Gwen expressed strong concerns about not being able to see this in writing during the discussion of this item and asked if it would it affect quorum if a vote was given the Caucus members.  Anita said that this proposal would affect quorum.  Sam said that they might need to have the condition of having two Green Party members on each caucus waived.  Tekla asked what the 2/3rd support in approving the proposal meant; Anita said it was based on those on the call, not the whole GPO-CC.  Philena said that she would likely be the person on the State Call to represent the Black Caucus.  Logan made a friendly amendment that the Caucus would need to designate its representative and alternate to the GPO-CC and that the individual Caucus should be up and functioning before they be counted towards GPO-CC meeting Quorum. Anita agreed to add this to her proposal.  Nathan said that he supports this concept in principle, but has not seen it in writing either.  Gwen explained how to become a green legally and agreed that we cannot remove anyone from the GPO-CC at this time.  Connie said that we should do outreach to those Central Committee members who have not been participating.  
Caucus empowerment proposal:  (As amended & approved during the 5/6/17 call)
This proposal requires a two-thirds majority for passage.
Purpose: To temporarily grant Caucuses representation on the State Central Committee of The Ohio Green Party
In keeping with our Green Party value of diversity and recognizing the importance of seizing the opportunity for organizing, prior to a statewide convention the Green Party of Ohio Central Committee is temporarily accrediting the following caucuses: The Black Caucus, The Youth Caucus, The Women’s Caucus, The Lavender Caucus, The Latinx Caucus, The Disability Caucus, and adding any additional caucuses that may be accredited by the Green Party National Committee or that the Ohio Green Party may deem necessary.
Rights and responsibilities of the Caucus that are recognized by the Green Party of Ohio:
Each caucus shall elect or designate a representative and may designate an alternate who will commit to attending Ohio Green Party Central Committee conference calls and meetings, and who shall have one vote per caucus at the meetings.  Such representative will count towards quorum at the conference calls and meetings.   The Caucus chair or co-chair shall notify the Central Committee who will be the representative and alternate.   This apportionment and recognition is afforded to the caucuses as “committees” of the Central Committee of the Green Party of Ohio, and is temporary to last until the next Green Party Statewide Convention.
The Caucuses shall function to empower traditionally politically disenfranchised communities in the decision making process of the Ohio Green Party, empower them in the political process in general, and to do outreach and organizing on behalf of the Green Party of Ohio in the communities that each caucus represents.
 Each caucus will function as an entity of the Green Party of Ohio but will be semi-autonomous; electing officers, conducting independent meetings, setting priorities and goals, creating Political Action Committees (PACS) if they desire to do so, and with the creation of the appropriate PACs or in coordination with the treasurer for the Green Party of Ohio, raising and spending money in keeping with all laws pertaining to political parties, campaign finance laws, and PACs.   Each caucus will keep a roster of their membership and provide a list of members, along with an annual report,  to the Ohio Green Party Central Committee.  Each caucus will be comprised primarily of members of the group it represents. It will be up to each caucus to determine if it will admit members of groups outside the community they represent, not to exceed one fourth of their membership. In this initial period of accreditation, (with the goal that each caucus be comprised primarily of registered Greens), a minimum of at least two members of each caucus must be registered Green Party members.
 While the frequency and locations of meetings for each caucus will be determined by each caucus, they must at a minimum meet annually. It is encouraged that meeting locations afford maximum access to participation by members throughout the state.
While the frequency of elections and the number of officers will rest with the caucus, it is required that at a minimum, elections be conducted every 4 years. In addition, it is recommended that the caucus fill the following positions: two co-chairs, a treasurer, and a secretary. The caucus will not count towards the quorum until it has elected a delegate and an alternate to the state central committee and notified the Central Committee.
Recorded vote:  carried with 9 of 11 in support
Anita Rios  - yes
Logan Martinez - yes
Gwen Marshall -no
Don Rucknagel - yes
Dorsey Stebbins -no
Nathaniel Lane (joined 10:22) - yes
Robert Fitrakis - yes
Suzanne Patzer - yes
Tekla Taylor-Lagway - yes
Connie Gadell-Newton - yes
Stephen Caruso - yes
Motion carries 9-2  
Anita will reach out to the caucuses to inform them of the passage of this proposal and let them know what steps need to be taken to follow up.  
7. New Business - 
Don Rucknagel - wants to know if there are Greens who would like to be on the SPAN Council,  kevinmfay@hotmail.com  Summit County 
County Committees and other local groups are requested to ask for volunteers to contact Don Rucknagel on this issue.  
Posted by Stephen:  
Ohio SOS Calendar August deadline for November election for County Central Committee positions as well as other offices?
Aug. 19 Boards of elections may begin official canvass of Aug. 8 special election ballots (11 days after special election) ......R.C. 3505.32 Aug. 21 Boards of elections must certify the validity and sufficiency of candidates’ petitions in nonpartisan races (78 days before general election) ........R.C. 3513.263 Boards of elections must certify the validity and sufficiency of local option petitions (78 days before general election) ........
Statewide meeting- date and location
Gwen said that she and Tim Kettler think that, under the bylaws that were established when we became an official Ohio Party that we could have Conventions more than every two years.  
Connie & Bob said they think that the 2017 meeting can just be a meeting and that Ohio Green Party Conventions can only be held every two years.  
Anita said that she and Nathan will work on picking a date but not necessarily a location.  
Kevin Fay:   S.B. 113 raises drivers license tax instead of gas tax.  
Kevin Fay will respond with a proposal regarding SB 113 for the CC to make a statement about this.  
https://www.legislature.ohio.gov/legislation/legislation-summary?id=GA131-SB-113  Meth Labs? ( drivers license fees would be quadrupled as opposed to gas tax 
Nathan-  should we take actions in support of single payer, in light of the ACA repeal.   Nathan will respond back to listserv with suggestion on follow up.  
8.  Next meeting date  - June 10th 10:00 AM
9. Adjourn:  11:50