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October 12 State Central Committee Meeting Minutes


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October 12 State Central Committee Meeting Minutes

October 12 State Central Committee Meeting Minutes
Report Document: 

Notes from Thursday, October 12, 2017 7-9PM Ohio Green Party Call
Those present are listed underlined and in bold.
1. Attendance & Quorum - 9 needed to have quorum for voting
District 2: Anita Rios, Alexandra Kendzierski, Monika Perry, Joe DeMare
District 3: Logan Martinez, Tim Bruce
Districts 4: Gwen Marshall, Don Rucknagel, Dorsey Stebbins, Nathaniel Lane
District 6: Robert Fitrakis, Suzanne Patzer, Tekla Taylor-Lagway, Connie Gadell Newton
District 8: Jim Villani
District 9: Stephen Caruso - signed on at 7:38
District 11:
Brett Joseph- bjoseph59@gmail.com elect.BrettJoseph@gmail.com
Also added into Quorum as of 5/6/17 when officially formed & recognized
Black Caucus - Philena Farley <philena30@gmail.com>
Youth Caucus - Samuel Richards <ogpyouthcaucus@gmail.com>
Women’s Caucus
Lavender Caucus
Latinx Caucus
Disability Caucus
Also invited to participate to call but not counted towards quorum:
Jake Ellis, Director of Party Development <jake.anthony.e91@gmail.com>
Becca Calhoun, Deputy Treasurer <beccacalhoun@att.net>
Kevin Fay - from Summit County (currently a registered Democrat but will vote in the Green
Party Primary in 2018) working with those interested in forming a new county committee email
address KevinMFay@hotmail.com
2. Minutes approved for September 9, 2017 with no objections in the form that had been
previously sent to the listserve.
3. Financial report - Tekla Treasurer & Becca Calhoun Deputy Treasurer
The Ohio Green Party treasury is now $2,869.67.
In process of moving the account to a bank that has better service.
Both Tekla and Becca’s names are on both accounts.
4. Officer & Committee Chair Reports:

a) Co-Chairs- no report
b) National Campaign Committee- no report
c) marijuana committee - no report
4. Candidate Reports:
The Constance for Ohio Governor campaign is making strides and progress. 1) Petitions- Connie and Brett have about 250 signatures just the two of them and we
are waiting to hear back from other volunteers on their count. Russ Buckabee and Nathan are
collecting signatures for us as well. Our goal is to have 500 signatures by November 1st.
Please mail your petitions to my office at 1021 East Broad Street by October 28 so we can
include them in our count for November 1st.
We need your help!! Many of my biggest supporters cannot collect signatures for me
because they are registered Democrats. It would be great if every Green on this list could
gather one sheet of signatures in their area and mail it to me by the end of the month. I will be going out to Yellow Springs on Saturday to canvas the event and gather
signatures, but this means I will miss the Ajamu Baraka event at 2pm Saturday. My special
request is that someone cover this event and gather signatures from attendees.

2) Finances- Our current balance is about $1400.00, + $500 in Paypal to be
transferred over to bank account.
Upcoming expenses- Flyers- $400-$500
T-Shirts- $200-$300
Buttons $100
Recurring expenses: MailChimp- $75/month
Gas- $100/month approximately, to attend events

Recent & recurring Donations-
Event hosted by Anita Rios- $200 in donations

campaign volunteer DB seems to be donating about $40-50 every couple of weeks
two monthly $18 recurring donations
Right now we seem to have enough $$ for the basics of running a grassroots campaign.
We don't have money for extras, but that is ok for now.

3) Outreach-
Our main focus in outreach is building coalitions among the left. We are trying to show

support of a lot of activist causes by showing up to events and doing outreach. We are making
connections with Socialist groups like the ISO, IWW, DSA, and SA. This is easier in some
cities than others due to local politics. We are hoping that once one group or chapter endorses
us, others will follow. So, we are going for early endorsements.

We want to do our part to unite the left. We are trying to send the message to many
political and activist groups out there, some of them non-partisan voters groups, some socialist or
environmental groups, social justice groups- "you keep doing the important work you are
doing as activists." it is not the mission of the Green party to take away from any of these
groups or to distract them from their important work. I often say that voting is just one day a
year, and yes, it is important but way more important than electoral politics is the boots on
the ground activist work they do the other 364 days a year. We want people to keep
working in their communities on important issues. But we also offer a ballot line, so that
we can get people elected. We are looking for candidates, so if members of your group
would like to run as a Green, that would be great.
Brett has been doing a lot of outreach to progressive and environmental groups in
Northeastern Ohio. Brett is a great speaker and he is getting a lot of speaking opportunities in his
Brett spoke at Akron DSA, which I also attended, a rally in support of fair immigration
policies and a speak out. They were happy we were there. I got a couple of signatures, and met
Akron Food Not Bombs chapter. I also met a pastor who would like me to speak to the Peace
group at their church.
I have been invited to a forum hosted by Cuyahoga County Progressive Caucus, on
12/14/17 6pm at their office, 11910 Detroit Ave. Lakewood, Ohio 44107. This is a very
important event because an endorsement from the CCPC would really mean a lot. We encourage
Greens to come to this event, to appear in numbers to show we have some backing and they can
feel good about endorsing our candidates.
Julie Hickey has reserved a booth at her local farmer's market, where we will reach out
to voters, work on our mailing list, and gather signatures. It is October 21 8am-12pm at 2
Public Square in Willoughby Ohio. I am going to need some coffee!!
After the Farmer's Market is a Green Wave planned for Jake Ellis’ race for President of
City Council in Lorain. Samuel and Julie are helping him get ready for this event. He can win
his race with about 2500 votes so we are hoping to get the word out with a few thousand flyers.
I talked to someone from Yes We Can Columbus recently and they are focused on their
City Council election right now, but they said they would like to have an event for me after
their election is over. It might be an event with the other Governor candidates who have
been sniffing around them for an endorsement. My race was discussed in their meeting and they
thought it would be "only fair" to include a loyal community activist like me and give me a
chance. I'll take it. I will keep you posted when this event will be scheduled. We would like to
have a good Green turn out at this as well.
Well, that is about it. I have attached my petition and Paul Curry's petition for people to
circulate. You can also contact me and I will mail supplies to you if you need them. I was not
able to find Philena's petition in my dropbox, but I know it has been sent out over the listserv. I
have also attached some petitioning instructions for you or other members.

Please, please, bring it up in your local county meetings, that we need people who can
circulate petitions this fall. Once I am on the ballot and that is secure, we need to work hard to
get Philena and Paul on the ballot because it is also statewide. Everyone can gather signatures
from them no matter where you are in the State, and they need our help. Please make a few
phone calls to people in your area and ask for their support. You know, reach out to the
people you have worked with and ask them to take a little time to volunteer, come to a County
chapter meeting, or make a donation on my website, www.constanceforohio.com
Also, please reach out to progressive groups in your area for me and promote my
campaign by telling them about Constance the candidate for a Green Governor, and let them
know I am available for events and candidate forums. I would be happy to travel and meet local
green groups, environmental and social justice groups.
Reports from other State Central Committee Officers - no reports given
2018 candidate reports: - the reports that were given are elsewhere in these notes.
5. Working committee reports:
A. Political Director - Joe
- Green Waves
BG- 6 people, got a good number of houses done.
East Cleveland- a lot of people coming and going, 15 Greens and Devin’s other
supporters, lit dropped half the city. Jake’s is coming up.
- Elwazani Campaign- Doing well. She had a league of women voters event, did well. Held her
own, did great. Flyered half of BG. Love it if people can make it to BG to canvas.
Charter Amendment Ballot initiative in BG. Supreme Court may invalidate election results.
Beverly’s advertising will start next week, raised $2K.
- April Kemp- He has talked with her about her campaign. She is on the ball. She has her
petitions ready. She deserves our support. She has a lot of local support. She announced on
facebook she was running. Guernsey County. Running for State Senate. Joe thinks she is
definitely willing to run & run an active campaign, she has faced physical intimidation for taking
a stand against fracking.
- Request for a computer for Nathan to help him access the database - Suzanne said that she has
one that she could donate and Brett thinks he might have a computer to printer cord to give and
Gwen sent him an email with pictures of the needed cord.
B. Director of Party Development - Jake Ellis - no report

C. Digital Media Coordinator - Website Volunteer Update - Philena -
Franklin County Greens are in the database Hamilton County. Most Greens are in database. To
pull walk lists.
D. Policy Advisor - also not a filled position, like what Bob has been doing with the Stein
Campaign and said that he is able to do this sort of thing for Ohio as the Co-Chair. He is doing
this on an interim basis - no report
E. Volunteer Coordinator - Nathan Lane - no report except for related to computer
F. Press Secretary - not on call
Social Media report: no report given
List of press releases since the previous meeting -
Reports from other counties or statewide: - no report given
Youth Caucus is working with Black caucus to form a free school.
6. Old Business:
Bob Fitrakis/Suzanne Patzer - Ajamu Baraka visit to Ohio October 14-15
- Philena pointed out that there is a Black Caucus reimbursement process that this could be
used to help out here:
● He will fly into Columbus Saturday, come to the Salon, then drive to Cleveland where he
will have an event with Devin Branch.
● They are asking us to cover some of his travel expenses, he will stay over night @ Bob &
● Adam and Julie Hickey will try to work with Devin to plan an event. Brett will talk with
Devin about an event in East Cleveland.
● Let’s promote this event and Devin
Proposal to decriminalize sex work. Tabled from August call. Discussion: Proposal was
forwarded by Philena from Illinois, spoken to by Joe who said that if we do this the wrong way,
it could be harmful & he proposed that we create a committee and he’d like to be on it. Philena
said there is a Black Caucus meeting today and she’d like to get input from them before the Ohio
Green Party goes forward on this. Connie said that she’d like to see the original proposal again
and would like to weigh in on this. Agreed to table again at this time & look at this in more
detail before moving forward even though it was agreed that it is worth looking at this item.

Motion by Joe to table; he said he would have an alternative proposal by the next meeting.
Philena said that the national discussion on this has been on hold
- Agreed, with no objections to put this on hold &/or tabled for now. -Currently our campaign has a lot of information from last year's Stein campaign but we need
help reaching out to potential volunteers and donors. We also need to discuss supporting some
of the other candidates who are planning a run for 2018. Julie and Adam Hickey are having a
hard time in their area finding Green and Unaffiliated voters to sign Adam's petition so Connie is
proposing a Green Wave to help with the local and Statewide petitioning effort in their area.
- We should also discuss petitioning efforts by the candidates, upcoming events, and coalition
building with other progressive groups around the State.
By way of “supporting these candidates,” Gwen proposed that the emailed newsletter
that needs to go out from the Ohio Green Party should contain a comprehensive list of
candidates, including the above listed and April Kemp’s, needing donations, signatures or
whatever they need with a specific “ask.”
At the September meeting, No opposition was voiced to signing on to the pipeline letter &
agreed that Brett will be telling the authors of this letter that the Green Party wants to be signed
on to as well as Brett talking to Kevin about the Ohio Green Party’s press release.
Report from committee on a policy / procedure related to due process for banning individuals
from social networking forums & Green Party events.. an appeal process needs to be included.
Agreed: General content of proposed procedure will be shared on the listserve & when
finalized this will be posted on all of the facebook pages owned by the Ohio Green Party.
Appointments to Central Committee - none
Update on County’s reporting to their BOE and to the GPO-CC secretary: none
7. New Business -
1) Issue 1: look below adjournment for text - Connie pointed out that the ability for the
accused to lose discovery requests could be a problem for justice. It could be vindictive
and not a part of actual justice; this is a constitutional amendment.
Gwen proposed that we endorse a NO vote on this; Tekla seconded, based on personal
experience. Gwen suggested that Connie & Brett work on a press statement with quotes from
them as lawyers saying we, the Ohio Green Party opposes Issue 1. Agreed to with no
2) Issue 2: look below adjournment for text and 2 articles.

Suzanne pointed out that Big Pharma is opposed to this because they think the price of drugs will
drop. Nathan pointed out that the opposition is the same as that which opposed California’s
proposal. Gwen said that she would prefer to have the Ohio Green Party stay neutral on this
since we don’t really know if this would actually deliver the results issue 2 promises. Joe said
that he likes the fact that it has ceilings on prices and this is a good thing. Brett said that the
concerns are related to what Big Pharma might do in response, and is concerned that Big Pharma
would use this threat and how the up or down of prices would play politically. He said that we
need to not stay on the sidelines and need to put in our press statements that the Big Pharma
obstructions needs to be “called out.”
Connie proposed that “we encourage a yes vote on 2, but state that this proposal does not
go far enough and that universal health care is still needed and this an incremental step
forward.” This was agreed to, with no objections and Connie & Brett agreed to also write
this “press release.”
3) Motion by Connie to Approve up to $100 (Probably $85) for April Kemp's filing fees to
run for State Senate office. April is a resident of Guernsey County. Connie chatted with April
recently. She said that she has gathered all of the signatures she needs to get on the ballot, but
she is not sure if she still wants to run.
April described that the reasons she does not want to run is because she is a single mom with 4
kids and she wants to spend as much time with them as she can, and also that she has been very
active locally in environmental issues and public school funding issues and she is catching a lot
of flack from people in her area for standing up and speaking out. There are not a lot of Greens
in her area and she does not have a lot of support. And it sounds like she is VERY, VERY vocal
on a lot of issues that are important to Greens.
Connie stated, by email, “I think we should sponsor her in getting on the ballot because I explained
to her that she can run a campaign as active or inactive as she wants, and because if we get her on the ballot
then we may be able to nominate a replacement, i.e., have her as a placeholder in case we find someone who
really wants to run an active campaign. Hopefully she would decide to participate as much as she feels able to
and it would give her a voice for her issues as a politician. I also think there is a lot of benefit to lining up
placeholders, and, as I mentioned, she already has her signatures so that part of it is done.”
Tekla said that she feels this should stay as a single issue, not combined with any other issues,
but does support what Joe supports.
Gwen stated that she opposes using state money for a local candidate and said that the timing is
wrong in terms of this being a 2018 issue in 2017 and she doesn’t have a PAC set up yet.
Suzanne & Joe said it was a good idea to move forward now in terms of supporting this
candidate. Joe said that April does have a treasurer. The issue that April has been strongest on is

Vote: to give April the $85 right now: Joe - yes, Gwen - no, Dorsey - abstain, Nathan - yes,
Suzanne - yes, Bob - abstain, Tekla - yes, Connie - yes, Steve - yes, Philena - yes.
4) Update and Check-in on upcoming events- campaign events, Green Waves, Ajamu Baraka's
visit, and more.
Announcements: some were reported, but none typed in by those making the announcement
8. Next meeting date - November 18th at 10:00AM for call
9. Adjourn: 9:22pm