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Anita Rios/Bob Fitrakis

Office sought: 
Ohio Governor
Campaign HQ
151 N. Michigan St. Suite 201
43604 Toledo , OH
Phone: 419-376-9746

Lieutenant Governor candidate Bob Fitrakis today urged all Ohioans who despise authoritarianism and who support democracy to vote in the primary election May 6, request a Green Party ballot -- and write in Anita Rios for Governor and Bob Fitrakis for Lt. Governor.

Certification of primary results places Green Party candidates on the November Ballot

Each of Ohio’s 88 counties certified their primary election results and the Ohio Green Party Gubernatorial ticket of Anita Rios and Bob Fitrakis made history by winning a place on the November ballot through a primary write-in campaign. 

The candidates pledge to:

  • Significantly lower tuition costs at all state-funded colleges and universities
  • Establish a state-chartered bank
  • Declare a moratorium on hydraulic fracturing
  • Support the legalization of cannabis and industrial hemp
  • Reform the workers compensation system to be more efficient
  • Cease all pending executions
  • End the closing of abortion clinics
  • Implement amnesty for undocumented workers
  • Lobby for the creation of a living wage standard
  • Promote efforts to reverse the state’s ban on marriage equality
  • Fight for a fair and inclusive electoral system