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Dennis Lambert

Office sought: 
United States House of Representatives District 6
Campaign HQ
11906 State Route 93
45609 Pedro , OH
Phone: (740) 901-0193

Dennis Lambert is running for 6th Ohio Congressional Representative as a Green Party candidate. He is not taking ANY corporate donations to his campaign and is running as a TRUE representative of the American People.

Dennis was a Boy Scout for 15 years earning his Eagle before his 18th birthday. He joined the Army after graduating from Paul Blazer High School in Ashland, Kentucky. He graduated from Ohio University showing distinction from his research and activities during his coursework, winning several awards for research and working with Dr. David M. Lucas to edit for republishing Bits and Pieces of Blackfork- a book on the history of a community in Northern Lawrence County, Ohio.

Dennis has lived in Lawrence County for the last seven years, returning to his mother’s parent’s homes to research family and history. Dennis has worked for several non-profit organizations trying to improve his community over the last twenty-five years and has grown sick of the corporate owned two-party system and is standing up for the people of the 6th District and every other American who is fighting for a better living for themselves and their families.

Dennis Lambert is running on a simple three part platform: EMPLOYMENT for every willing American at wages for supporting a family, improving not only the VA system for VETERANS, but ensuring the continued support and benefits they deserve for their sacrifice, and a healthy concern for the ENVIRONMENT and the impacts of persistent exploitation of our natural resources to human and wildlife. There is only one choice for the Representative of the 6th District of Ohio in Congress. Dennis wants you to participate in our democracy. If you don’t vote, you can’t expect the corruption in government to end, and if you don’t vote for Dennis Lambert, you are voting to keep corruption in our Federal Government.