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Elaine Mastromatteo

Office sought: 
Ohio House of Representatives District 64
Bristolville Office
6077 State Route 45
44402 Bristolville , OH

Today the residents of the 64th district deserve a progressive government from Columbus. A progressive government that is strong enough to carry out progressive goals.

Elaine Mastromatteo will go to Columbus to help lead a progressive state government. A progressive government that strives for the promotion of safety and protection for life, health, the environment, and human dignity. Leadership that will support the social safety net, health care, environmental protection laws, and protection offered by the police and military. Governmental laws and policies that will ensure protection from unscrupulous businesses, pollution, and unsafe working conditions.

We need Elaine to represent us in Columbus because she understands that today the job of a progressive government is to care for and protect the population, especially those who are helpless; to guarantee democracy (the equal sharing of political power); to promote the well-being of all through cooperation; and to ensure fairness for everyone. Empathy and responsibility are required to meet all of these goals. These values are traditional American values, and progressives like Elaine seek to reinvigorate them in American political life.

While other candidates in this race will talk only about jobs in this campaign, Elaine's focus is bringing prosperity to the 64th district. Prosperity based on how well our communities are doing, and whether we all have access to good jobs, a good education, and the conditions needed to live healthy and productive lives. Equal opportunity is important to be able to achieve prosperity. And prosperity is necessary for opportunity. This translates into a progressive goal of government to promote widespread prosperity as a form of seeking the common good. The promotion of general prosperity need not be just a role for the government, but for corporations and businesspeople as well.