Ohio Green Party Denounces Senate Bill 137

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For Immediate Release:
DATE: February 2, 2024

Philena Farley, State Co-chair pifbits@ohiogreens.org , 614-859-9147
David Ellison Cuyahoga County, Co-chair, david@dhellison.com, 216-631-0557

Ohio Green Party Denounces Senate Bill 137 – Another Insult and Attack on Democracy

Columbus, OH – The Ohio Green Party condemns Senate Bill 137, legislation introduced by Senator Theresa Gavarone (R-Bowling Green) that seeks to ban ranked-choice voting (RCV) across the state. This regressive bill undermines democratic principles, silences voters, and forces them to choose between a limited and often unsatisfactory set of candidates that legislate against their constituents.

“Claims that ranked-choice voting is confusing or reduces voter turnout have been debunked repeatedly“ said Philena Farley, Co-Chair of the Ohio Green Party. “Ohio voters need to contact their state senators and tell them to stop insulting their intelligence with these misinformation campaigns.”

For the past three years, Ohioans have been fighting against calling Nuclear Power “Green Energy”, Ohio Voter ID laws, and making it harder for citizen-led ballot measures to succeed.
Now here comes the next oppressive bill that does nothing more than attempt another power grab by corporate influence who fear losing their grip on our political system.

“Instead of suppressing voters and silencing dissent, the Ohio General Assembly should pass legislation that expands voter access and participation, including the option of ranked-choice voting. Legislators should not be disenfranchising large numbers of voters who are already growing tired of the corruption and becoming disengaged. We need an involved, informed, and interested electorate for democracy to work,” said David Ellison, Co-Chair of Cuyahoga County Ohio Green Party.

The Ohio Green Party urges all Ohioans who value democracy and voter choice to contact their State Senators and demand they oppose Senate Bill 137. We cannot allow politicians to restrict our right to choose the best representatives for our communities. Ranked-choice voting is a common-sense reform that strengthens democracy and ensures every vote counts.


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