Ohio Green Party Newsletter Highlights – October 2023

Stay informed and empowered with the Ohio Green Party’s Newsletter 2023! Explore the latest updates on sustainable initiatives, environmental policies, and community engagements. Get inspired by stories of positive change and discover ways to contribute towards a greener, more equitable future in Ohio. Join the movement, be part of our vibrant community, and make a difference today!

Support the UAW on Strike in Ohio!

The Green Party of Ohio urges a “Yes vote on Issue 2.

The Green Party of Ohio urges Ohioans to “Vote Yes” on issue 1.

Ohio Health Care Workers holding signs to support Issue 1
Ohio Health Care Workers support Issue 1

The Green Party of Ohio calls for a cease fire in the Middle East.


The Relicensing of the Perry Nuclear power plant will put
communities at risk!

Protesters against HB6

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