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Aug. 26, 2017 State Committee Mtg. Summit County

Aug. 26, 2017 State Committee Mtg. Summit County

Meeting Minutes
Report Document: 

from Gwen Marshall, Hamilton County Green Party Co-Chair


Approved during 9/9/17 call



Statewide Meeting

August 26, 2017

Cuyahoga Falls Public Library, Cleveland, Ohio


Central Committee Meeting Agenda


1.                  Establish quorum and agenda: Quorum 12:44pm.
            Attendance: Logan Martinez, Anita Rios, Bob Fitrakis, Suzanne Patzer, Joe DeMare,

Connie Gadell Newton, Samuel Richards, Nathan Lane (speakerphone for

Steve Caruso)

2.                  Financial report - not available

3.                  Officer reports - none for now

4.                  Local updates and reports

A. Anita - Lucas County Green Party annual meeting tomorrow - Facebook event

            5-7pm, dinner provided, everyone invited, Toledo’s water is now contaminated -

chemicals added to water (could be an issue for our candidates), lots of initiatives

including giving Lake Erie rights

B. Joe - Wood County Greens had 10,000 flyers printed up for local 2017 

Candidates, doing a mailing, fighting the Nexus pipeline - trying for a Community Bill of Rights - this is for Lake Erie too

C. Logan - Montgomery County Greens had 4th meeting

D. Kevin - Northeast Ohio - SPAN-Ohio event planned, working with BREAD and Cuyahoga Greens to get them moving again

5.                  Proposal to approve Philena for the National finance committee - Approved

6          Caucus reports
            A. Samuel - Youth Caucus - report on person recommended to not engage with on

Green Party social media sites

B. Women’s caucus has not been active and wants us to regroup for Sept 12 ruling on

transfer agreements that may close last abortion clinics in Ohio, Anita will write to all women in the caucus or feminists. Will have press statement and press conference on Sept. 12 in Toledo.

6.                  Campaign reports – Discuss donations to local candidates

A. Connie - Governor campaign. Started the petitioning process. Needs 500 valid signatures. Running mate will be here later. Having events at Hot Times Festival, Columbus, Sept 8-10; Cincinnati event on Sept. 9. Brett is from northeastern Ohio and covers those events.

B. Devin Branch - Mayor of East Cleveland. Led campaign to remove former mayor and succeeded. Looking to make it a black arts and entertainment district.

C. Paul Currie interested in running for State Treasurer, Connie working with him on petitioning - 500 signatures needed.

D. Joe Manchik - running for 12th House District

E. Logan
Proposal One: Green wave proposal for 2017 candidates, need dates from candidates - proposal accepted.
Sept 17 - lots of health event around the state
Oct 14 - Yellow Springs events, Connie
These can be lit drops and petitioning too. Need to be recruiting candidates or running ourselves. Need to make sure the Green wave is well promoted. Try to have even more than a lit drop like holding a banner or having a press conference.
Proposal Two: Donating money to 2017 candidates. See below. Concerns that there is no Ohio Green Party fund-raising campaign, we need a long-term plan to raise money. However, we now have a development director, Jake, and are working on raising money. Concern that we should endorse the candidates. Concern that our budget is low and we should try fund-raising specifically for these candidates and help them raise money. A little bit of money could help them at this point in their campaigns - Accepted.

Bowling Green City Council Beverly Keeling Elwazani - $100

Lorain President of Council Jake Ellis - $100

East Cleveland Mayor Devin Branch - $200


7.         Announcements:

            Labor Fest - Cleveland, October 13-14, musical event, to honor unions of the past (Mike)

Joe - National Coordinating Campaign Committee, wants candidats for all US House and Senate in 2018

8.                  Other issues: Tabled

a.    Proposal to Amend the Green Party of the United States Platform Regarding the

Criminalization of Sex Work - proposal to table (Anita) would like to consult the

women’s caucus. Some comments and concerns and discussion on each side.

We need more research.

b.    Questions:

                                       i. Why doesn't State Senator and County Commission/Auditor have age

minimums in the Guide?

                                        ii. What’s the difference between resident, inhabitant, and qualified elector?

c.    Review of the recent bulk mailing:

i. What were the objectives of the postcard mailing? To put in place use of build mail permit for 2018

                                        ii. Are we able to measure how successful we were in achieving each of those


                                       iii. Would a mailing in another format perhaps have  achieved better success?

                                       iv. Motion: For future projects, in addition to the overall goals, the GPOH CC will

set beforehand specific attainable and measurable objectives. When the project is completed, at the next GPOH CC meeting, we will review the project, including the numerical objectives and the achieved numerical results. For instance, we might have set as one objective of the postcard mailing, bringing 50 new people to the statewide meeting August 26th, with a careful definition of "new." Then we could measure our success on that objective by having the sign-in at the meeting include the question, were you inspired to come by the postcard from the Ohio Green Party? The mailing we recently did was in the category nonprofit "USPS Marketing Mail." With respect to 1.c) above, consider that with USPS

Marketing Mail the postage for a 4" x 6" postcard is the same as the postage for an oversized postcard (up to 6 1/8" x 11 1/2") or a folded self-mailer that meets postal requirements. Would better success have been achieved with an oversized postcard but a smaller mailing list?

2017 Green Party Candidates in Ohio

Cincinnati City Council Tammy Sullivan

Cincinnati Board of Education David Brenner

Bowling Green City Council Beverly Keeling Elwazani - $100

Bowling Green City Council Carolyn Kawecka

Lorain President of Council Jake Ellis - $100

East Cleveland Mayor Devin Branch - $200

Franklin County Municipal Court Judge Eddie Pfau


Correction submitted by Gwen