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December 2017, State Committee Meeting Minutes

December 2017, State Committee Meeting Minutes

Report Document: 

Notes from Saturday, December 16, 2017  noon to 2:00

in person meeting, with call in Option, at Bob & Suzanne’s home in Columbus (1021 E. Broad St. Columbus 43222


1. Attendance & Quorum  - 10  needed to have quorum for voting

District 2:  Anita Rios, Alexandra Kendzierski, Monika Perry,  Joe DeMare (phone)

District 3:  Logan Martinez, Tim Bruce

Districts 4: Gwen Marshall, Don Rucknagel, Dorsey Stebbins phone, Nathaniel Lane

District 6:  Robert Fitrakis, Suzanne Patzer, Tekla Taylor-Lagway, Connie Gadell Newton

District 8:   Jim Villani

District 9:  Stephen Caruso - not on call but Suzanne talked to him after the call.

District 11:   


Also added into Quorum as of 5/6/17 when officially formed & recognized

Black Caucus - Philena Farley  <philena30@gmail.com>

Youth Caucus - Samuel Richards  <ogpyouthcaucus@gmail.com>

Women’s Caucus

Lavender Caucus

Latinx Caucus

Disability Caucus


Guests:  Brynette Turner brynette62@gmail.com

Torin Jacobs running for the 18th Ohio House of Representatives district


Also invited to participate to call but not counted towards quorum:

Jake Ellis,  Director of Party Development <jake.anthony.e91@gmail.com>

Becca Calhoun, Deputy Treasurer <beccacalhoun@att.net>

Kevin Fay -  from Summit County (currently a registered Democrat but will vote in the Green Party Primary in 2018) working with those interested in forming a new county committee  email address KevinMFay@hotmail.com


2. Minutes approval needed for November 18th & October 12, 2017 - not done since didn’t have quorum.


3. Financial report   - Tekla Treasurer & Becca Calhoun Deputy Treasurer   

We receive 9 to 11 donations from sustainers each month -- recurring donations in the PayPal account.


4. Officer & Committee Chair Reports

a)  Co-Chairs-  Connie reported that we do still seem to be growing regarding interest in the Green Party and her campaign for governor.  When she went to the Progressive Cuyahoga County Caucus meeting to seek their endorsement this past week she was pleased to reconnect with long term Green Party members like Daryl Davis.  


Encourage folks to file their petitions for state and county central committees.  Each County needs to confirm with their County’s BOE if they are using the petition (5 signatures) or non petition form.  Petitions are due Feb 7th.  


Connie’s running mate, Brett has asked her to step down as co-chair to focus more on her campaign.  She said that this could be discussed again next month.


Bob didn’t have a report at this time.  


b)  National Campaign Committee- no report


c)  marijuana committee - no report    


4.  Candidate Reports:

Constance Gadell-Newton for Governor- We have over 400 validated signatures but we still need about 100 more. We still need your help to get over the minimum.  


Reports from other State Central Committee Officers -  no new information


2018 candidate reports:

Torin Jacobs running for the 18th Ohio House of Representatives district.

Samuel Richards- Franklin County Commission  - issue of gentrification on High Street, County Jail, low/no bond to get poor offenders out of jail

Philena-       Auditor

Paul Curry - Treasurer

Steve Dodge - 26th House

Julie Hickey

Adam Hickey

Ian - 18th State Rep Dist (Torin running for this) Possible 2nd County Commission seat

Evelyn-  15th State Senate District


5.  Working committee reports:


A.   Political Director - Joe - Paul Curry is collecting signatures to get on the ballot.  He would like every County committee to hold a meeting to sign and collect signatures. He has mailed out petitions to six volunteers so far.  Jan 7 meeting.   They are gathering signatures today in Wood County for Connie Philena and Paul Curry.   April Kemp is having an event in Guernsey County running for State Rep.  


Logan wants us to recruit more candidates for State Rep. Joe is working on it. Invited about a dozen people over the two months, so far without any takers. Welcomes suggestions.


B.   Director of Party Development - Jake Ellis - no report


C.   Digital Media Coordinator - Website Volunteer Update - Philena no report


D.  Policy Advisor  - also not a filled position, like what Bob has been doing with the Stein Campaign and said that he is able to do this sort of thing for Ohio as the Co-Chair.  He is doing this on an interim basis - no report

E.   Volunteer Coordinator - Nathan Lane - not on call.   

Connie pointed out there is a problem with capacity building and need more volunteers


F.   Press Secretary -  Kevin Fay  

Social Media report:


List of press releases since the previous meeting - not listed


Reports from other counties or statewide: -  

Hamilton County-  They fighting the proposal for a partially government funded soccer stadium in Cincinnati.   They are working with a group on this in their city council.  Location chosen could cause localized flooding.  They are fighting the push by the library trustees to sell of the downtown building that houses the youth services, operation services and maker space.  


January 20th afternoon- Hamilton County meeting with Constance for Ohio campaign.  


Caucus Reports:


Black Caucus- Working on outreach for 2018 to work with the community on survival skills.  Joined Black Alliance for Peace.  Want to establish a treasurer position.  Michael is Co-chair.


Youth Caucus- No report


Women’s Caucus - Connie & Anita are talking about having a meeting after the first of the year, especially during this time when so many of the issues are timely.


We will probably have more breakout sessions in our Statewide meetings.  


6. Old Business:


Appointments to Central Committee - none


Update on County’s reporting to their BOE and to the GPO-CC secretary. - none


7. New Business -

Logan is requesting GPO-CC approval to serve on the Coordinated Campaign Committee of the US Green party. He was on this in the beginning, aro 2002.  He was on it indirectly as a write-in and was told that he had won, when he hadn’t even run. This committee works on campaign building training and related candidate support.  They do workshops at the national convention.  This position is only open to one per state and there are 10 positions total.  - All present (8) agreed that the GPO-CC would endorse + Stephen Caruso - not on call but Suzanne talked to him after the call and he said he would support this proposal.


Hamilton County wants the Central Committee to reconsider the anti Spencer coalition decision made at the November meeting.  


They wrote a letter to the OGP-CC but did not have a copy available- Gwen read a statement.  

The Hamilton CC met without Nathan to write the statement.  

Tabled due to lack of quorum and for Gwen to send out statement to Ohio Central Committee.  


Statement on net Neutrality.   

Joe volunteers to write a statement for the Central Committee to approve.  He asks that the statement be approved by co-chairs and put on the website.  


Set date for Statewide Convention.   

Feb 26-  is due date for declaration of intent for write in candidates.  

Suzanne suggested April 7 - the required Statewide Convention By-Laws & State Platform before lunch after lunch more of a “campaign type rally” meeting.  Only Ohio Green Party members can vote at this morning part of the meeting would be allowed - not likely voting after lunch.  

Joe said that we need a subcommittee to actually plan the convention; Joe will be on the Convention committee, also Gwen & Connie & Suzanne (getting the room.)  




8.  Next meeting date  -

January 14th 7PM call     


9. Adjourn: