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Feb. 10, 2018 State Central Committee Minutes

Feb. 10, 2018 State Central Committee Minutes

Report Document: 

Notes from Saturday, February 10, 2018 Ohio Green Party Call


1. Attendance & Quorum  - 10 needed to have quorum for voting

District 2:  present: Anita Rios, Joe DeMare; absent:  Alexandra Kendzierski, Monika Perry

District 3:  Present: Logan Martinez, Absent:  Tim Bruce

Districts 4: Present:  Gwen Marshall, Dorsey Stebbins, Nathaniel Lane Absent: Don Rucknagel,

District 6:  Present: Robert Fitrakis, Suzanne Patzer, Tekla Taylor-Lagway, Connie Gadell Newton joined call at 12:55.  

District 7:  Present: Kevin Fay -  from Summit County (was a registered Democrat but is now a candidate running for office in the November 2018 election and will vote in the Green Party Primary in 2018); he has been working with those interested in forming a new county committee  email address KevinMFay@hotmail.com approved as an interim member January 2018.  He now counts towards quorum.

Absent:  Brett Joseph - added as committee member at Feb 10, 2018 meeting by vote of OHGP-CC.  (elect.BrettJoseph@gmail.com)

District 8:   Present: Jim Villani

District 9:  Present: Stephen Caruso

District 11:   


Also added into Quorum as of 5/6/17 when officially formed & recognized

Black Caucus - Present:  Philena Farley  <philena30@gmail.com>

Youth Caucus - absent:  Samuel Richards  <ogpyouthcaucus@gmail.com>

Women’s Caucus

Lavender Caucus

Latinx Caucus

Disability Caucus


Also invited to participate to call but not counted towards quorum:

Jake Ellis,  Director of Party Development <jake.anthony.e91@gmail.com>

Becca Calhoun, Deputy Treasurer <beccacalhoun@att.net> Present as of 11:00


2. Minutes approved for December & November 2017 - no objections after Tekla’s concerns were acted upon regarding the number of participants needed for quorum where she said there needs to be 10 for quorum.  Gwen changed the minutes to reflect this for November 2017 to be 10 and this was agreed to before the minutes were approved.

January 2018 minutes - Connie’s meeting notes were used for minutes and included in the February meeting document.  Anita abstained on this vote, there were no other objections, so these minutes were approved.


3. Financial report   - Tekla Treasurer & Becca Calhoun Deputy Treasurer  

$3,299 as of Feb 9, 2018 reported by Tekla.   Joe thanked Tekla and Becca for submitting the semi annual reports in a timely manner.  Tekla requested help in getting some needed information from Phil that is still needed.


4. Officer & Committee Chair Reports

a)  Co-Chairs & Caucus reports:


Anita:  Said she felt honored to join in when Connie submitted her petitions to run for Governor.  Bob didn’t have an additional report.


Black Caucus report, by Philena:  She has contacted Ajamu Baraka - Tentative schedule visit to Cincinnati - September instead of August. Need to finalize weekend date.  Wants to coordinate with 10KV date and #BLMC - Plan with Nathan


Anita reported, as the Ohio Green Party Co Chair,  on the national Green Party committee regarding the issue of reparations.  She is concerned that some of the discussion got “ugly” and suggested the need for “anti oppression training” and the need for better communications.  Philena said that reparations is already on the GPUS platform this was not a proposal to add it. Nathan stated his support for people better knowing what is in the national platform.  Logan further defined the proposal as being in support of a committee to better study the issue of who would be eligible to receive the reparations and where the funding would come from to do this.   Anita said her goal is to set a basis for communication with each other to increase the comfort level we all can have in future communications. Anita stated that she had been attacked as an Ohio Co-Chair on this.  Joe asked who had attacked her and how; Anita declined to answer.


Kevin requested to be placed on the ANM Committee 2018 in Utah.:  Kevin has asked to be on the national ANM (Annual National Meeting Committee), in an attempt to get breakout sessions etc filmed and placed for all Greens to use.  Bob moved to have us support Kevin on this and Nathan supported this as well but also said that he would like to attend the Convention itself. Anita pointed out that this is the planning committee and there is more to this than just recording break out sessions.  

There were no objections raised so Kevin was agreed to as being the Ohio Representative to the Annual National Meeting Committee.  Kevin messaged the folks he had been talking to at the ANMC that he was approved for this position.  


National Green Party’s Financial Committee - We had supported Philena for this position in August 2017 at an in person meeting and this is just a reconfirmation of this appointment made with no objections.  There do not appear to be approved notes from that meeting.


b)  National Coordinated Campaign Committee- Jake Ellis has indicated interested in joining “the committee” but we were not certain as to whether he was interested in being on the national governing committee or the campaign committee.  Logan is currently serving on the coordinated campaigns and separately a member of the governing committee as well. Logan said that he filed by the December 2017 filing date for the coordinated campaign committee. It was also discussed that our Ohio Convention would be a good time to re vote/vote for the three (3) delegates representing Ohio on the national Green Party’s governing body.  It was agreed that the deadline for the National Coordinated Campaign Committee has already passed.


c)  marijuana committee - Logan asked if there was anything new after the speaker at the Free Press Salon.  Bob said nothing new to report.     


5.  Candidate Reports:

Kevin has filed for the 35th State Rep.

David Gary Cox has filed for 12th Congressional District.

Steve Dodge has filed for 26th House District

Logan requested that Joe list the names of the Greens who have filed to run; this list had not been added as of the posting of these notes.  


Posted by Steve:

April Robertson-Kemp for District 97 Ohio House of Representatives


Guernsey and part of Muskingum County (https://www.sos.state.oh.us/globalassets/publications/maps/adopted-house.pdf)


Regarding petitions signatures that were collected for Statewide offices, the official count that was collected was 300 for state auditor;  Steve also reported: Joe Manchik, John Zarlino, Stephen Caruso filed 2-M for Licking County Central committee Feb 7 with Licking BOE. John voted independent prior to this in all elections.  Steve has requested prior faxes to Licking BOE for State committee appointment on himself and have not received a reply yet.


The issue of running folks as write in on the Green Party’s Primary &/or the issue of the Primary election day:

Monday, February 26, 2018 at 4:00 PM is the final time to file the write in petition to get on the Green Party Primary ballot in May 2018.


Could we do a sample ballot for election day to be handed out at the polls? Kevin suggested this would be a good way to recruit Greens.

Logan said that we should continue to recruit candidates.  


Philena said that she would like to run as a write-in candidate on the Green Party’s primary ballot to run for US Senate - Joe asked for her endorsement - no objections were raised to her endorsement when Bob first requested this.  Logan said that it will be up to her and her committee to get those 500 write in votes and she needs to really push this in Columbus. Philena said that she is working on this with the help of the Black Caucus. Joe & Nathan moved that the Ohio Green Party officially endorse:  Constance Gadell-Newton for Governor, Paul M Curry, Jr. for State Treasurer and Philena Irene Farley for US Senate.   No objections were made to this endorsement. Approved.


Nathan suggested that we table the issue of endorsing the others running for office that are not the statewide office - agreed to without objection


Request submitted by Connie by email:  I have been invited to participate in this Earth Day event. We should plan what we want to do for Earth Day this year. I definitely plan on being present and public at some event. I would love it if we could line up a bunch of surrogates to promote me and other candidates on Earth Day since it is such a big green event. Please let me know if you or someone else is willing to be a surrogate for me on Earth Day. I also wants to line up events for April 20 in support of legalized marijuana.

Kevin said that he would like to help on this.  


5.  Working committee reports: -  Agreed to the deadline of  February 14 for evaluations to be turned in to Anita by email.   - no objections raised so supported. Gwen expressed concerns that her email to Anita had been stuck in Anita’s Spam filter, Anita is trying to figure out how to solve this problem and said that Joe’s email isn’t reaching her either.  


A.   Political Director - Joe

Director’s Report. 419-973-5841

January’s main activity was helping our candidates get petition signatures to get on the ballot. I coordinated, encouraged, and tabulated the efforts of petitioners around the state. The final count for Philena was approximately 350 and for Paul 250.

In addition, I sent out evaluation forms for the annual Working Committee Evaluations; worked with the Convention subcommittee to set the time, place, and date for the convention; and have been in touch with and trying to recruit more candidates for local and state offices. I spoke with Paul Curry last night, he intends to run as a write-in.

I’ve also done many other things, not listed here. Such as agreeing to represent the Ohio Green Party at a health care policy tabling event in Defiance on March 4th, and putting Brett in touch with a local activist in order to arrange candidate interviews for Our Revolution endorsements. Just to give the Committee an idea, if I were to list everything I’m doing every day, this report would have over 100 items. I don’t think that’s necessary.


Posted by: "CS" electricity2@cs.com woodcountygreen   Date: Fri Feb 9, 2018 5:18 pm ((PST)) & repeated during meeting, “We need to do another state wide mailing in March to tell our members about the statewide convention in April. We're required to notify our members by the bylaws. (Gwen says this is not required by our bylaws - see note below.) This mailing can serve multiple purposes, notification, fundraising, informing our members about our candidates, publicizing the primary, etc. We know it will cost a little more than $2,000.. If we approve it in February, I should have no problem making all the arrangements and sending it out in early March.

Anita said that she wants more detail, as well as concerns about affordability as did Tekla before approving this and wanted to table the issue.  Logan also expressed concern about the costs. Gwen said there is no bylaw requirement to mail all registered Greens in Ohio. Nathan also said that we don’t have the budget for this mailing and said we could just print the postcards and hand deliver these cards.  Joe defended this mailing as being the most effective way to get primary votes and communicate with our base. He asked that a subcommittee be approved to create this mailing’s content. Philena also expressed concern with this use of resources. Jim supported the idea of a mailing.  Joe stated that handing folks a flyer at the polls is likely too late to sway their opinion & that it would be using the bulk mailing permit. Gwen repeated that there is no requirement to mail to the registered Green Party members and that there is nothing that could be put in a snail mailing that would be better than the piles and piles of junk mail that she gets each day asking for money &/or votes.  

Motion to vote on the mailing to be paid for from the GPO PAC funds:  

Anita Rios - no

Joe DeMare - yes

Logan Martinez, - no

Gwen Marshall, - no,

Nathaniel Lane - no

Robert Fitrakis, - no but would pledge $100 towards the mailing

Suzanne Patzer, - no

Tekla Taylor-Lagway, yes and would pledge $100 towards the mailing

Connie Gadell Newton

Kevin Fay - no

Jim Villani - yes

Stephen Caruso - no

Philena Farley - no


On the motion of doing the mailing if Joe got the money without getting if from our PAC treasury:  

Anita Rios - abstain    

Joe DeMare - yes

Logan Martinez - abstain

Gwen Marshall - no

Nathaniel Lane - yes

Robert Fitrakis - yes

Suzanne Patzer - yes

Tekla Taylor-Lagway - yes

Kevin Fay - yes (suggests that he work with county to clean up their lists before mailing)

Jim Villani - yes

Stephen Caruso - yes

Philena Farley - abstain

So agreed that Joe could do a mailing if he found the funding for it independ of the Ohio Green Party’s treasury’s / PAC’s current money.  


Note from Gwen From our bylaws: c. Constitutional Amendments and Changes to the Bylaws - Constitutional amendments and changes to the bylaws may only be made by an agreement or 66-2/3% vote of the Convention or a mail referendum of the delegates responding from affiliated Green Party County Central Committees. Proposed amendments and changes must be circulated to all registered Green Party County Central Committees at least six weeks in advance of the regularly scheduled meeting of the Convention or referendum response deadline.

Gwen stated that, “I cannot find a place in our bylaws that says we need to mail a notice of the convention to our members.  I have placed an electronic requirement to notify people to the best of our reasonable ability in the 2nd of my two recommended bylaw changes.”


Not read outloud in the meeting, but was referenced as being in these meeting notes as being a part of a proposed bylaw change that Gwen is suggesting related to the Convention notification issue:


D.  Required Convention Meeting Notification:  


-  Initial (save the date) Notices must be posted publicly on the official GPOHIO Website at least 60 days in advance of the Convention.  


-  An Initial 60 day (save the date) notice must also be sent out to all available current GPOhio Statewide list serves, electronic newsletters and social network communication sites as well as emailed to all current Green Party of Ohio Central Committee members  as well as all current GPOhio County Central Committee members or their designate (those without email, must have a designate to notify them) who had supplied their electronic and US mail contact information to the Ohio Green Party Secretary at least ten ten (10) weeks before 12:01 AM of the day of Convention.


- The initial notices must include the date, time and place of the meeting.  


- A secondary notice must be sent out to all of the above listed recipients at least 30 days ahead of the Convention day and must also include the date, time and place of the meeting plus a brief list of agenda items, including possible endorsements as well as the text of any specific proposals such as bylaws or platform changes.  


- The secondary notice shall also include information regarding any registration fees, provisions regarding lunch, directions to the Convention location, any restrictions or rules which are specific to the site of the convention and any other information that is useful to the smooth running of the convention.  


- Persons who plan to attend the meeting should make a point of turning in their RSVP at least 7 days ahead to help with the planning process.  


Timeline for 2018 Convention:  

(By Friday, Feb 23, 2018 due date for proposals for by-laws) (6 weeks)


60 days = Monday, Feb 5, 2018 - Send out the save the Date for the Convention notices


30 days = Tuesday, March 6, 2018


B.   Director of Party Development - Jake Ellis - not on call, no report


C.   Digital Media Coordinator - Website Volunteer Update - Philena - 17,000 contacts currently after cleaning has been done recently.


D.  Policy Advisor  - also not a filled position - no report


E.   Volunteer Coordinator - Nathan Lane - on call but no formal report


F.   Press Secretary - Kevin - 1 release regarding Connie & Brett’s filing.  He is requesting more press contacts be sent to him. Currently has 78 press contacts.


Social Media report  - now have most of the county pages completed, still have the NW to go.  Philena has a 50 page limit on her account and Nathan has the same problem.   Nathan & Stephen have reported that they have their pages done.


Reports from other counties or statewide: -  

Hamilton County voted to continue using the form 2-L for its County Central Committee and has filed petitions for:  Gwen Marshall, Nathan Lane, Dorsey Stebbins & Don Rucknagel for both State & County Central Committees as well as Josh Krekeler, Kim Wise & Darius Clay.  Prince E. Johnson II also turned in a petition, but had voted in the 2016 Democratic Party’s Primary; we have not withdrawn his petition and are waiting on an official ruling from the Hamilton County BOE to see what they rule.


Nathan proposed that Brett Joseph be added to the State Central Committee based on his high level of activity for the Green Party and the fact that he has filed the petition to become a State CC member after the May 2018 Primary.  Brett was not on the call to confirm his interest in being added to the GPO-CC which raised concerns from many of the GPO-CC members. An actual recorded vote was taken which placed Brett Joseph on the GPO-CC as a voting member from this point forward.  Somehow the notes from this recorded vote disappeared from the Google Doc notes before the end of the meeting, but the results remained and since all agreed after the vote that Brett was being added and this note is also in the list of voting members of the GPO-CC.  


Bob said he will call to see if there is anything needed on this: Request for VOTE TO Appt. to Licking County Green Pty Central Committee: Stephen J Caruso Reg. Green, Joe Manchik registered Green, and Joe Zarlino also registered Green and abide by Green Values !


6. Old Business:

FYI:  (Form No. 2-L Prescribed by Secretary of State (09-10) DECLARATION OF CANDIDACY PARTY PRIMARY ELECTION For Member of County Central Committee may always be used.) (Form 2-M may only be used if a plan has been previously filed with the local County Board of Elections, by that Green Party County Central Committee at least 120 days before the petitions are due in accordance with ORC 3513.051.)

Here is what Oh. Revised code says: 3513.051 County central committee may determine no need for petition.


The county central committee of a political party in a particular county may determine, not later than one hundred twenty days prior to the next primary election at which candidates for member of the county central committee are elected, that each person desiring to become a candidate for election as a member of the county central committee of that party in that county shall file a declaration of candidacy as required by section 3513.05 of the Revised Code but is not required to file a petition as required by that section. If the county central committee of a political party so determines, each person desiring to become a candidate for election as a member of the county central committee of that party in that county is not required to file a petition as required by that section but shall comply with all other applicable requirements of that section.


Appointments to Central Committee - Kevin had been officially added to the State Central Committee as of January 2018.  


Update on County’s reporting to their BOE and to the GPO-CC secretary nothing new.                                                 

7. New Business -

Brought up by Kevin:  Ken Sanders has continued to create ongoing problems with use of the Green Party name by claiming to be speaking as the chair of the Green Party of Akron.  He has not run for this position and has not been appointed by the Ohio Green Party’s Central Committee. He has tried to sell merchandise on the Nina Turner for Governor campaign page he set up.  It appears that he has not received any donations. Bob said that maybe we need to contact the Attorney General and SOS office to say that he is not a Green; also need to see if he has officially filed anything.  http://ohiovoters.info/by_number/OH00107/50875_kenneth_arthur_sanders.html Proposed action by Nathan that the County Chapter that Ken is claiming to be representing file the initial complaint; Kevin said that Ken is no longer living where he is registered to vote so they can’t mail a letter to him.  Connie suggested that we could use his social media address if we can’t get a physical address. Conclusion:  proposal to have the state Green Party send out a warning letter directly to Ken before notifying the state of this problem.  Bob said that we need Kevin to compile a report on what the problem has been for this letter. Agreed that Kevin and Connie will work on this issue.  


Joe reported:  The Ohio Supreme court just decided to close the only abortion clinic in NW Ohio, (Toledo) reversing lower court decisions by claiming a transfer agreement with a hospital in Ann Arbor does not meet Ohio's "Let's find an excuse to outlaw abortion" law requiring clinics to have such agreements. We should do a statement, press release, and possibly a letter to Promedica whose local hospitals have all refused to sign such an agreement.  Joe said that he would work on this press release.  


Joe asked that on March 11th that people not use nuclear power and that we support this event by having the Ohio Green Party again sponsor "Unplug Nuclear Power." Logan moved that we also do a press release on this issue. Joe will do the release.  The GPO-CC agreed to again endorse this event with no objections raised.  


Tekla - moved that before adding a person to the State Central Committee that we vet that person and discover if she or he intends to participate in all meetings.  Nathan questioned if we could take away voting rights of those who have been elected to these positions. Tekla clarified that this motion only regards the CC adding members.  Connie said that it would be good to have a vetting process for being added to the Central Committee.


Logan said that quorum issues in the bylaws should be updated; Tekla said she has made a separate motion regarding bylaws and quorum.  Section IV.C.2. is the current section on quorum. Nathan said he thinks we should address the membership issues related to quorum and related issues.  


Tekla’s motion approved:  No objections raised.


Tekla proposed that this issue be added to the agenda for the coming Convention modification of the item (IV.C.2. of the bylaws) on quorum.  She proposed that quorum be a majority of the number of members that have attended at least one of the previous 4 meetings. -- Motivation: People that are members but rarely come to meetings shouldn't much affect the number needed for quorum.


She said she will be writing this up for the convention.  Bob said that Tekla is asking for an endorsement of this process.  It was pointed out that proposing this be on the Convention agenda does put it on the agenda.  Thus it does not need a vote.


Gwen put the following information in the notes for a report on the convention.  It was agreed that we would try to get the business completed before lunch but if extra time is needed it will be up to the Convention to make that proposal to extend the time for discussion of amendments.  


Ohio Green Party Convention -

The Ohio Green Party has chosen Saturday, April 7, 2018 for the Ohio Green Party statewide convention meeting.


We have booked the Northwood - High Building at 2231 N. High St, Columbus, OH 43201.  The room is booked from 9-5, but the convention itself is scheduled from 10-4.


The required Statewide Convention By-Laws & State Platform activities will take place before lunch and after lunch will be more of a “campaign type rally” meeting.  Only official members of the Ohio Green Party members will be allowed to vote during the morning part of the meeting. It is not likely that there would voting after lunch.  


Proposed schedule:

Set up 9:00 to 9:45

Check in 9:45 - 10:15

Morning business meeting 10:15 - noon

Lunch & networking - no other organized programs:  noon -1PM

1:00 - 4:00 campaign related work & presentations

4:00 - 5:00 clean up


A subcommittee has already been formed to actually plan the convention:  Joe, Gwen & Connie & Suzanne has booked the room.


Proposal from Gwen sent out by email on 1/29/18:  If we survive the 2018 Election as an official Green Party in Ohio, I would like us to be able to quickly get about the business of thoroughly cleaning up our bylaws.  If we spend a lot of time working on doing that now it would be taken away from our valuable time that we need to use to survive as a party this year. I feel that spending time on really cleaning up the bylaws now could be like ‘rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic” and that is why I don’t want to work on the changes we talked about a year ago except to make sure we can make these changes in 2019.  I also think that we don’t have a clean process for notifying folks about upcoming conventions and should change that now and start to use that before the change now since it would just improve our transparency.


Gwen suggested that we use the following Convention notification guidelines to tell people about the convention, but the Feb 23rd deadline is already in our bylaws:  

(By Friday, Feb 23, 2018 due date for proposals for by-laws) (6 weeks)

60 days = Monday, Feb 5, 2018 - Send out the save the Date for the Convention notices

30 days = Tuesday, March 6, 2018


Gwen said that the amendments that she will propose are being compiled on a separate Google Document as opposed to being completely enclosed in the meeting notes.  She had made changes to the document that was previously sent to the GPO listserve to further clarify the amendment proposals. The amendment to change to the ability to host a convention more than every other year is enclosed as follows:


All changes are to Article IV - REQUIRED MEETINGS

proposed change by Gwen to be made at 2018 Convention:




B. Biennial Convention - the GPOHIO shall meet at least once every two years, including each of the even numbered years, in order to nominate or endorse candidates, ratify platform positions, initiate projects and issue campaigns, modify the Constitution and Bylaws, review the performance of the State Central Committee, etc.


To be changed from Article IV - REQUIRED MEETINGS

B. Biennial Convention - the GPOHIO shall meet once every two years in order to nominate or endorse candidates, ratify platform positions, initiate projects and issue campaigns, modify the Constitution and Bylaws, review the performance of the State Central Committee, etc.


Purpose of the proposed change is that it would allow the Ohio Green Party to have official conventions to do business such as bylaws amendments and more clerical and less political business more often than just once every two years, thus freeing the even year conventions to focus more on campaigns and platform related issues.  

In addition, it would take us back to the original intention of these governing documents as passed in 2010.  When the change was made from the 2010 document there was no discussion as to that changing prohibiting off year conventions so this would correct that situation.  


Announcements:  - none made


8.  Next meeting date  - March 17th - the 3rd Saturday - 10:00AM by call


9. Adjourn:     1:48 pm