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Greens Party Members Meeting - Feb 2019

Greens Party Members Meeting - Feb 2019

Report Document: 

Notes for Oh. Green Party Central Committee conference call - Sat. 2/16/2019 10 AM

1) Review meeting process and facilitation

               Nathan agreed to facilitate, and Anita Rios agreed to take notes.

2) Quorum check: Quorum met with 13 members on the call.

               Members present:    Nathan Lane, Anita Rios, Brett Joseph, Kevin Fay, Tekla Lewin, Logan Martinez, Philena Farley,

                Russ Buckbee, Joe DeMare, Tim Bruce, Jim Mahoney, Austin Bayshore, Don Rucknagel

3) Elect or temporarily appoint a Secretary.

               Brett volunteered to be interim secretary starting with the next call.

               We should put out a call for a permanent secretary to the county committees.

4) Agenda review and add any additional items

               Two items were added by Logan: Report on Peace action and Proposal for an ad in Span pamphlet

               One item was added by Joe: to endorse  “Unplug Nuclear Power”

5) Approval of previous minutes

               NO MINUTES RECEIVED FOR THE Jan 13th meeting.


6) Treasurer Report-

               checking acct- $ 1586.22, 

               $254.62 paypal ,

                Anita will send a letter confirming Philena’s appointment

               and cc Brett on any communication with Pay Pal.

                Also, regarding treasurer issues, Anita asked Brett to help with creating the necessary PACS.

               She had not been able to set up a meeting to do this sooner.

7) Officers Reports (optional)

               -Anita made a report the activity of the National Committee and thanked Oh Central Committee members for the work they are doing. 

               She encouraged members who want go to register early to get a discount.

               She will send information on the diversity waivers.

               -Philena reported on media committee, she has been asked to be co-chair of that committee but is going to do the administrator position. 

8) Political Director, Joe DeMare

               Is working with people who want to start GP groups in Sandusky and Fulton counties.

               Is planning on doing a video on petition gathering. Wood co. greens are working on a plastic bag ban.

                Wood county Hosted a dinner for laid off government workers. Joe also reported on Lucas county Greens being         

                part of the coalition that got the Lake Erie Bill Of rights on the ballot.

               Joe made a motion that we make a statement on the emergency declaration.

               This was approved by consensus and will be vetted by the rapid response committee and released by Monday.

9) National Committee delegates- Logan Martinez, Kevin Fay, Philena Farley.

               -Philena expressed support for a grace period during which proposals are held in order to allow people to work on campaigns. 

                There was extensive discussion of this some agreed some did not. No decision was made

               -Kevin reported the Roots theme is being used as the theme for the ANM

10) Other Reports (such as chapter reports)

               -Report from Russ that a Senior Greens caucus is forming.

               -Logan reported on anti-war teach-ins being organized by Peace Action committee.

               He would like us to do on here in Ohio. Logan will send the information. 

                Austin offered 2/28 at 6pm, Young Green chapter meeting as a venue for a teach in.

               -Jim V. reported on local action

               -Kevin reported on Portage and Lake county joint meeting

               -Brett reported there will be a forum on BDS in Cleveland on 3/3.

               -Philena reported that Franklin Co, is still not sure about doing a petition drive in particular because of what happened to the                 

                Libertarians. Gary Cox is going to try to run as a Green for State Senate to see what happens.

               -Tim and Logan reported on Wright State University strike. He and Logan supported the strike and provided some media coverage 

                that was picked up nationally. The resolution was a mixed bag but the union got some security on health care plan.

Standing Business:

11) Appoint new members to the Oh Central Committee - NONE

12) Appoint new members to County Committees - NONE

13) Appoint New members to national committees:

                Anita Rios requested to be reappointed to the Diversity committee,

                Anita was appointed through consensus.

New Business:

14) Setting a meeting time that accommodates all of our members (Anita)

               Anita stated that it has always been very difficult to find a time that accommodates all members. Reminded the

               group that we had put it in our by-laws to have regional face to face meetings and stated that by staggering the days of the in-person meetings 

               we may be able to make sure that everyone makes some of our meetings.             

               Also, we need to make better use of our online communications to reduce barriers to participation for everyone.

               She proposed that we have a face to face meeting in March. Brett suggested we combine this with a training.

               Logan made a friendly amendment that we have a conference call on Sat. 3/9 and an in person meeting later in the month.

                Anita accepted this amendment, and the decision to have a phone meeting on 3/9 (10 to noon)

                and a face to face meeting in Southwest Ohio on 3/31 (Anita will announce time and location later online)

               was agreed to by consensus.

               Joe stated that we set a permanent meeting time for Sunday and should do that or un-do that decision.

15) Dario Hunter running for GP Presidential nomination-  

               (I didn’t make any notation about this and don’t recall that we discussed this. Did we table this due to time?)

16) Voluntary Sustainer Program proposal. (Kevin)

              Kevin proposes a voluntary sustainer program to create a tiered fundraising program so that everyone can     

             participate regardless of income, this fund will be shared with the counties. Anita asked that only counties that      

            have a treasurer and a bank account be eligible for shared funds. And that only when the donor requests the      

            donation be shared with their county should we do that. Kevin accepts Anita’s suggestions as friendly amendments.

            We have a sustainer program but do not actively recruit to it. This proposal is an update.

               Kevin will rework and bring the proposal back. TABLED


18) Approval of participation in Unplug Nuclear power March 11. (Joe)

                This is a commemoration of Fukushima, participants pledge to reduce power usage that day.

               Endorsed through consensus.

19) State convention  (* I don’t recall any discussion about this, but we are not scheduled to have a convention until next year.

              They are every other year on even numbered years. They always coincide with either the presidential election or the             

              gubernatorial election.)


Old Business

20) Report on Doing a Statewide mailing (Joe)

               Included in his report above.

21) Report on Petitioning for party status (Nathan)

                Nathan reported that the ballot access committee had a conference call to review progress and that

               there are between -35 to 40 petitioners. Next call the first Sat of March. Brett has done a one-page flier

               on petitioning. Libertarians have offered to help with petitioning.

22) Report on Creation of statewide candidate and federal PACS. (Anita)

                Addressed this in Treasurer report above.

23) Report back on National committee Appointments (Anita)

               Anita Reported that she has reported our committee appointments to the committee co-chairs, except Becca’s and Gary Cox’s.                 

              She could not find contact information. She has that now and will complete this this week.

24) Report back on Car donation. (Anita)

               Anita reminded the group that this was supposed to have been dealt with by a committee several

               months ago, but we have not gotten a report back. Anita will follow up with this group so we can take this off   the agenda.

25) Recruiting and running candidates as independents in 2019 and beyond.

            We need to know if running as independents is allowed. Brett states that the law states that independent              

            candidates can’t be affiliated with any political party, but since we are not currently recognized as a party this   

            may not count for us. Logan reminded us that there is still time to get in the paperwork for many offices.          

           Joe recommended that we maintain our brand and only endorse candidates who run as Greens, not just any               

           independent candidates. There are many aspects of running candidates in the upcoming campaigns such as     

           testing whether we have indeed lost party status and running as independents with Green Party endorsement.

           A committee was created to address some of these questions.

           The following members agreed to serve on this committee: Anita, Joe, Brett, Kevin. Anita will call a meeting next week.

26) Caucus reports.

               Youth Caucus is active, Lavender Caucus is active, Black Caucus is active.

               Latinx and Women’s caucus not active.

27) Schedule next meeting- Next meeting were scheduled for 3/9 at 10 am via conference call,

               and for 3/31, time and location to be determined.

28) Adjourn- This meeting began at 10 am and ended at 12:57pm.

Respectfully submitted by Anita Rios, Co-chair


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