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Greens Party Members Meeting - Jan 2019

Greens Party Members Meeting - Jan 2019

Report Document: 

Ohio GP Central Committee Sat. 1/13 12noon



Draft Agenda


1) Review meeting process and facilitation (Nathan Lane and Anita Rios) 

2) Quorum check

*3) Elect or temporarily appoint a Secretary

4) Agenda review and add any additional items

5) Approval of previous minutes (cut and pasted below)



6) Treasurer Report

7) Officers Reports (optional)

8) Political Director

9) National Committee delegates

10)Other Reports


New Business

11) Appoint new members to the Oh Central Committee

12) Appoint new members to County Committees

13) Appoint New members to national committees: Debby Manera Smith to media committee,

        Anita Rios to Bylaws Rules Policies and Procedures

14) Proposed bylaws language change to be inclusive of non-binary gender(Philena)

15) Proposal Re; Voluntary Sustainer program (Kevin Fay)


Old Business

16) Reimbursement from South West Oh mailing.

17) Doing a Statewide mailing (Joe)

18) Petitioning for party status ( Nathan)

19) Report on Creation of state wide candidate and federal PACS. (Joe)

20) Report back on National committee Appointments

21) Report back on Car donation, tabled until after the election.

22)Recruiting and running candidates as independents in 2019 and beyond

23)Other methods of engaging as a active political force in our communities, local referendums, activist organizations, 

        projects to build awareness of the -Green "Brand" in Ohio counties and communities

24) Caucuses/ caucus reports ( Tekla requested a report on the allocation that we made to the youth caucus several months ago)


25)Schedule next meeting 



Respectfully submitted by Anita Rios


Pasted from ogpcentralcommittee@googlegroups.com 


Notes not listed