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Greens Party Members Meeting - Mar 2019

Greens Party Members Meeting - Mar 2019

Report Document: 
OH GP CC Conference Call - Sat. 3/9/2019, 10am, ended at 12:16pm
1) Review meeting process and facilitation (Nathan Lane and Anita Rios) Anita took notes, Nathan facilitated.
2) Quorum check- Quorum met with 15 members present:
             Nathan Lane, Kevin Fay, Anita Rios, David Ellison, Steven Caruso,         
             Dennis Spizak, Joe DeMare, Don Rucknagle, Tekla Lewen, 
            Logan Martinez, Gwen Marshall, Dorsey Stebbins, Darryl Davis,
            Philena Farley, Jim Villani
3) Temporary Secretary- Brett, who is acting secretary, can't take notes for this call and is not present.
             Nathan called for a permanent secretary. No volunteers
4) Agenda review and add any additional items
            Don and Logan added new business
5) Approval of previous minutes. Approved. Tekla inquired about the minutes from the meeting in January.   
     Anita thought that Daryl toke notes and she will ask about them.

6) Treasurer Report -no treasurer report was provided. Philena got on the call late and due to the number of 

    other items still on the agenda no report was given.
7) Officers Reports (optional) None
8) Political Director, Joe reported that the newsletter is ready to go he will get a check from Philena. 
        He wants to support solar power array by AEP.
             This was approved by consensus.
            Logan had concerns and questions about the content of the News Letter,
            regarding whether it should focus on the petitioning, and about who it is going to.
            Nathan and Joe stated that it is important to gauge the response to the newsletter to help us gauge   
            support for the ballot access petitioning.
            The newsletter had been approved at a previous meeting and it will go out as scheduled.
9) National Committee delegates Anita asked for input on the strategic plan that the SC is working on.
            Nathan called for more Ohio members on the PCSC, Logan reported that he voted to support the   
            committee on Monetary Policy but doesn’t support the Monetary Policy as written.
10) Other Reports:
            follow-up report on Span ad- 14 yes votes for Span ad in the program for their annual meeting on 4/27.         
        The $150 for the ad includes 2 registrations. Tim will purchase one registration,
            Anita will purchase the other. Anita asked that the ad reference the Green New Deal.
            Nathan and Logan will work on the ad which will be done by early April.

Standing Business
11) Appoint new members to the Oh Central Committee      NONE
12) Appoint new members to County Committees                NONE
13) Appoint New members to national committees:  Estlin Hiller to the Platform committee?

            We should create a questionnaire. Steven expressed concerns about his appointment due to his           
            support for Juan Guido. Has he sought the local GP endorsement for his run for City Council?
            Tabled until we create a questionnaire.
New Business:
14) Invitation to co-sponsor and participate in forum on Green New Deal,
            (What do we want from the Green New Deal?) A town hall meeting  for Cuyahoga County March 21
            at 7 p.m., Brooklyn Library, 4480 Ridge Rd. Brooklyn 44144)
            It was proposed that we approve doing this, we will be allowed to speak and to co-sponsor.
            approved by consensus
            On this same subject- 3/31 Nathan will be speaking on this at a different event.
            Don stated that he does not believe in 100% renewable energy.
15) Agenda for face to face meeting,  Sunday, March 31, 1pm to 4:30 pm, at the
             Mason Public library 200    Reading Rd.
            We want to do two trainings:
            1)training on running for office as an independent /Green
            2) training on circulating the party petitions
            We will also have a business meeting but would like to keep that as paired down as possible.
            We can bring food. It’s not that long of a meeting.
            Gwen inquired if this meeting would count as the April meeting. No, there will be a meeting in April.
16) Anti-War Teach-Ins (Logan)
            Logan has proposed that the Green Party help organize anti-war teach-ins:  
            “From Yemen to Venezuela: US Aggression Must End”.  
            We should be able to organize quite a few teach-ins if we put a major effort into it,
             setting a goal of 20 to 25 teach -ins. (nationwide) It is possible to organize 4 to 5 teach-ins here
             in Ohio.  Targeting college campuses would be a priority. I believe this effort would help to build the            
            peace movement and at the same time build the Green Party. Anita asked that we reference the Green        
            New Deal. There are materials available.
            Proposal to support the Anti War teach in, and encourage all members to host, organize,
            or participate as they can. Agreed through consensus
17) Don, re growing the party.
            One way to do it is to locate all the independents in each county and increase the
            number of county committees.

Old Business
18) getting the check for $100 back to Gwen-there was a back and forth on this issue and no resolution.

            This will be resolved off the call. Tekla thanked Gwen for being persistent in getting this resolved.
19) Dario Hunter running for GP Presidential nomination.
            Dario is new to the GP. Dario is from the Mahoning County where he is elected to the school board.
            We won’t endorse anyone yet. We should have a candidate forum. There were mixed feelings expressed from members
             regarding Dario’s candidacy.
20) Kevin’s proposal to create a Voluntary Sustainer Program proposal (the proposal will be added to the final version of the notes)
      Passes- Yes 8, No 3, Abstentions 2, members not voting 2.
        Nathan- Yes                            Kevin- Yes
        Anita -Yes                               David Ellison - Abstain
        Steven Caruso - Yes              Dennis Spizak - no vote cast
        Joe -Yes                                  Don Rucknagle - Yes
        Tekla – No                              Logan - No
        Gwen - Abstain                       Dorsey - no vote cast
        Darryl – Yes                            Philena - No
        Jim - Yes
21) Doing a Statewide mailing (Joe) (ADDRESSED ABOVE)
22) Report on Petitioning for party status (Nathan) Nathan is seeking to create a statewide infrastructure,
            Daryl and David did an information sheet on doing petitioning. Nathan will get this out to everyone. We already have hundreds of signatures. There was doubt among some members as to whether this was a      realistic goal. Logan suggested that we gather the signatures for getting an independent candidate on the ballot in Ohio. Nathan point out that we have not endorsed a candidate yet. We will assess progress             on this as we go along.
23) Report on Creation of statewide candidate and federal PACS. (Anita/Brett) no report
24) Report back on National committee Appointments (Anita)
            If anyone who volunteered to serve on one of the committees is not plugged in with the committee, please let Anita know
25) Report back on Car donation.
             The committee decided we could not benefit from this donation. Anita will try to get contact info for the donor and send a thank you note.
26) Recruiting and running candidates as independents in 2019 and beyond.
             Logan called for candidates for schoolboard. There is a push from national to get candidates
            for state house. We need to start early with this because it is hard to do.
             We will revisit this subject at each meeting.
27) Caucus reports The Lavender Caucus is working on a joint program with the Ballot effort to do events       around pride events. Will try to have a proposal by the face to face meeting.
            No other caucus reports.
28) Adjourn