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Greens Party Members In-Person Meeting - Mar 31st, 2019

Greens Party Members In-Person Meeting - Mar 31st, 2019

Report Document: 
Ohio Green Party  Statewide Coordinating Committee
Meeting Minutes [draft]    Sunday, March 31, 1pm to 4:30 pm, at the Mason Public library 200 Reading Rd., Mason Ohio
Meeting was convened at 1:20 pm.  
In attendance were: Anita Rios, Robert Hannon, Dario Hunter, Tim Bruce, Daniel ___, Logan Marinez, Gwen Marshall, Philena Farley, Austin Bashore, Becca, Daryl Davis, Jordan Easely, Don Rucknagle, Brett Joseph, Nathan Lane, Joe DeMare, Julian & Leon Guerrero, David Baker.
1) Review meeting process and facilitation: Nathan Lane and Anita Rios).
2) Quorum check- Anita checked and determined the existence of a quorum
3) Temporary Secretary/note taker- Brett Joseph
Brett gave a presentation regarding the requirements for running for office as an independent/green candidate, and circulated an informational handout, and responded to Q & A.
Nathan provided an update regarding the ballot access petitioning effort.  He described how the necessary signatures can be gathered in 12 months or less with adequate mobilization, with the deadline being July 1, 2020.  Nathan also mentioned that there was an error on the petition form (wrong address of one of the committee members) that needed to be corrected.  Anita said that an amended petition form will be circulated and those that have already been circulated will be also used if needed with an errata note. Discussion and Q & A followed.
Next, Dario Hunter, green party presidential candidate, gave a presentation regarding his reasons for running and his vision and policy priorities. Some of the point he  made were:
“The system as a whole needs to change”
“We need to replace capitalism with an ecosocialist society.”
“In 2020 we need to remind voters how we got to this quandary [Trump, etc], the only way forward is to provide a true choice.” 
“We need to bring to the forefront all the marginalized voices that our party has been standing for all along.” 
“Facing the challenges we face here in Ohio, including lack of ballot access, we need a strong voice leading us and we need unity and a personal connection with the voters.” 
Check out website:  www.dariohunter.com.
4) Agenda review any additions – Anita called for agenda items.  Joe added a proposal for stipend for the Treasurer.  Also, under Old Businesss an item was added to discuss the issue of the SW Ohio Greens reimbursement check.
5) Approval of previous meeting minutes from March 9th meeting – MINUTES APPROVED
6) Treasurer Report – Current balance in checking account is $1,837.73.  Current balance in Paypal account: $104.70.  Only transaction since last meeting, transferred $101 from Paypal to Checking to pay for SPAN ad which then went out resulting in no change to the balance.  The approved mailing has not yet been paid, according to Joe this will be to target 320 committed greens.  Committee authorized mailing to up to 600 people.  Anticipated cost:  Postage $250.  Printing in $350-380 range.  Total anticipated to be between $500 and $600.
7) Officers Reports – none
8) Political Director, Joe DeMare:  Doing a Statewide mailing, at the printers and ready to go.  Joe told the printer to hold up the mailing until we can insert the corrected petition.  The mailing includes petitions and instructions and information on how to make a donation.
Other items:  Joe has been working on opposition to state bailout and extending license for Davis Besse and Perry Nuclear power plants.  We need to shine a light on this issue, and how people’s electric bills will go up (quadruple) if the bailout is approved.  Also, let people know how the selection of the new chair in the Ohio house was largely driven by political influence of First Energy being brought to bear, leading towards this major bailout. 
9) National Committee delegates- Anita reported: National Steering committee drafted a response to a letter recently received from European Greens (which was incendiary – accusing US greens of electing D. Trump).  Anita wrote first draft of response, with input from other national committee members. The letter has been sent to the full steering committee for final approval before sending.
The SC is seeking input from global greens and may request mediation.
 However, some in the national committee said we should withdraw for Global Greens, but that is not where the consensus lies. This process of responding to the European Greens has been somewhat contentious within the national green steering committee.
10) Other Reports:  Wood county is involved with hearings on a plastic bag ban in Bowling Green.  WC Greens will be providing testimony at this hearing and are optimistic that a ban will be passed.  Also, WC Greens will again have a tent at the wood county fair.  Joe encourages other county committees to reserve tables for local county fairs.  Also, WC Greens decided they will have a candidate for council at large in the fall (2019) elections.
Anita reported that Lucas county will also have an candidate (Stephanie Czech) in the fall election, for one of the Toledo City Council seats. 
Hamilton county – Nathan - has signed up for the pride parade (4th Saturday of June), and black family reunion, and north side 4th of July parade (a major annual event).
Mahoning Co – Dario - Passage of local initiative to end term limits, Mahoning Greens launched an initiative to support non-partisan local elections, along with a fundraising rollout, and combined with an effort to fundraise for the Green Party.
Old Business
11) Anita is working on a questionnaire for new appointees to the Oh Central Committee, to County Committees, and to national committees:  Anita opened the floor to nominations.  Anita will have the questionnaire ready by the next meeting.
Philena announced that Franklin county co-chairs both resigned, and their treasure (Tekla) also withdrew.  Philena proposed appointment of Robert Farley to Franklin county central committee.  PASSED by consensus.
12) Anti-War Teach-Ins (Logan)- Logan is sitting on the nat’l GP peace action committee, 8 states expressed interest in hosting teach-ins – posted to listserve.  Here in Ohio – Dayton at St. Clare Community College and Wright State Univ., faculty interested in hosting teach-ins, but not definite yet. 
Austin is interested in doing a teach in at KSU on April 28th at 4:30 in the evening (put in application). Logan will continue to provide updates on other scheduled teach-ins.  Also looking at community teach-ins in May and June.  Topics to be covered at these teach-ins:  Venezuela, Yemen, Israel-Palestine. 
After campuses, the plan is to reach out to local high schools and organize with other peace groups.  GP is an important position to help lead the peace movement which is going to continue to increase.
13) Voluntary Sustainer Program - discussion postponed.
14)  Mailer reimbursement Check – Gwen said Philena is returning the reimbursement check that Gwen signed and sent for Hamilton county but was never cashed (never cashed).  
Gwen proposes that OGP write a check to Joe DeMare for $220 to cover postage paid to by Joe for a mailing from Hamilton county members from the OGP.  This is the amount that the Hamilton Co. members had raised for this reimbursement.  For purposes of the PAC report, Joe is doing and in-kind of $180 for this mailing.
Gwen gave her account of what had happened warranting her proposal:  Following the decision that the bulk mailer with Connie campaign material could not be paid for with OGP funds, the mailer was pulled back and Joe removed this material leaving only the announcement of the Jill Stein event, and separately purchased stamps and delivered in Cincy. Cost was $400.
Afterwards out of concern that a promise had been made to cover cost for this mailer, individual checks were mailed by Hamilton Co. greens to contribute to Connie’s campaign. 
Joe expressed support for Gwen’s proposal and also proposed to treat the remaining $180 as an in-kind contribution to the State C. Committee.  Anita voiced opposition for this proposal – Said CC was not asked and had not authorized this mailing. Logan agreed that such an expenditure needs to be authorized by the CC.  Becca expressed support for proposal.
Anita tested for consensus. Anita expressed blocking concerns but will stand aside. Proposal for reimbursing Joe $220 approved through consensus.
15) Stipend for Treasurer position – Gwen proposal to provide $400 stipend to Philena in two staggard payments at six month intervals (alternating with payment to political director) to recognize the substantial time and effort that she has committed to the CC as Treasurer.  Philena added said she intends to go to the national convention and this would help with her travel expenses. 
Logan proposed an amendment to this proposal to specify that it be treated as a year-to-year decision. 
Anita proposed alternative amendment that we pay year-to-year unless we fall short of funds available in budget (i.e. minimum of $800 in treasury).  Anita called the question: APPROVED with Anita’s amendment.
Next meeting:  April 13, 2019 (with emphasis on ballot access).
Ajourned at 4:25 pm
Ohio Green Party questionnaire for prospective committee candidates, 4/13/2019
Thank you for your interest in representing the Ohio Green Party on the State Central Committee, or on your county central committee, or on a committee of the Green Party National Committee. We appreciate you taking the time to complete this questionnaire.

1) Why do you want to represent the Oh.GP on a committee of the National GP, or be appointed to a county central committee or to the State central committee?

2) How did you hear about the opening on the _____________________ committee?

3) Are you familiar with the work of the ___________________________committee or any of its members? Please explain.

4) What ideas do you have for contributing to or improving the committee?5) What GP values do you feel would be most useful to in doing the work of this committee?

7) If you can, please provide the names and email addresses of 3 Green Party members who can provide a reference for you.

8) Have you worked on any GP political campaigns? If so, which?