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Jan. 2018 State Central Committee Mtg Minutes

Jan. 2018 State Central Committee Mtg Minutes

Report Document: 

Ohio Green Party – Central Committee Meeting  January 21, 2018


Meeting minutes  Posted by: "Connie Gadell-Newton" cgadellnewton@gmail.com cngadell

  Date: Mon Jan 22, 2018 5:24 am ((PST)) to GPO-CC listserv



Members:  Bob, Suzanne, Logan, Stephen, Constance, Joe DeMare, Don Rucknagel, Anita

Rios, Nathan Lane.


Kevin Fay- Summit County Greens

Andrew Smith - Governor campaign team

Samuel Richards - Youth Caucus Representative.

Philena Farley- Black Caucus Representative and IT




*Proposal*- Kevin Fay's voting status in Summit County Greens. Anita- We have appointed him to a committee and she thinks he was voted in with full rights and responsibilities of a voting member.

Discussion:  Bob thinks that it may be illegal to recognize him. Connie thinks it is legal to follow our own by-laws about membership. Membership- definition includes declaration of candidacy petition.

Questions about Green party membership for new members wanting to become Green.

Youth Caucus representative does or does not have voting rights?

SR has pulled a petition for County Commissioner and State Central Committee.


Observation:  We need to amend our bylaws if we want to make membership broader.


*Proposal: *Make interim appointments to Kevin Fay and all Caucuses who have designated a representative. To include voting rights. Our intent is to change the bylaws at the next convention to make the bylaws consistent bylaws.

*Motion carries with no objection. *

*Abstentions:* Bob, Joe, Connie.


Motion to approve minutes for November and December. (Done In Feb 2018 meeting)

Treasurer Report - *As of  January 13, 2018  the state green party has a balance of  $3195.29  in checking and paypal accounts.  There are no outstanding checks.*


Officer Reports


- Co-Chair- Constance- resigns from Co-Chair and moves to appoint Anita  Co-chair, this was moved by email by Alex Kendzierski.

As outgoing Chair, Constance recommends that the party focus on growth by promoting voter registration, voting in the primary, and running a slate of candidates to promote people voting Green in the primary.

Comments: General support for Anita as new Co-chair of the party. Motion to approve Anita Rios as Co-Chair passed by Consensus.


- Political Director:  Joe DeMare- * Focus on getting petition signatures for the Statewide candidates. Gave Brett a hundred more signatures, still gathering for Paul and Philena. He is encouraging people to run. More candidates gathering signatures.


Kevin-  Russ is requesting reinstatement of “Rapid Response Team” -2 Co-Chairs and a small quorum for press releases. Anita- says we did have it but it is defunct. It pre-dated our party status and it is not in the bylaws. We have authorized the Co-Chairs to respond to press releases.  It would include Co-Chair and political directors. Kevin will send exact wording to Bob and Anita.


Nathan Volunteer Coordinator- Has spreadsheets based on zip code for recruiting volunteers. Educational forum re: green party values. Seeking people who want to hold local events. Connie requests CC members to help Nathan calling some of the people who have contacted us. If CC members could make 20 phone calls a week that would help a lot.


Caucus Reports


- Youth Caucus – Samuel reports that the youth caucus is less active the past few months but will be starting up an intern program with Andrew. He is talking to Trane about training interns in the campaign office. They are talking to students at Miami about an event with Connie and the Libertarian candidate and other candidates. Andrew has contacted Oberlin, Capital, Kent, Miami, OSU, and other colleges and satellite schools about the internship program. They will advertise on social media.


- Black Caucus- Philena reports they are discussing how to address mistreatment of Black Green Party members. She would like an update on Devin Branch, Nathan reports he has been contacted about being a speaker. Planning a visit from Ajamu Baraka this summer. Nathan would like him to

come to Cincinnati.


Candidate reports-


- Constance for Governor- They should now be over the signature requirement and will file their signatures around Feb 2nd; on Feb 3rd there will be a campaign meeting to discuss how to go forward. New website can accept donations and has our complete draft platform, please check it out. We are getting a lot of information about people who are interested in our campaign and we need help calling them and getting them engaged.


- Andrew Smith is running for State Rep in 55th District. So far he is running unopposed! Sweet.


Logan would like to get more candidates to run.


Stephen updated Ohio Green page with Connie and Brett bio's.


US Rep- Some people want to run as Greens if they lose their primary and Andrew is seeking someone to run as a placeholder for them; Bob says that sore loser law makes this illegal in Ohio.


- Write in candidates.


Local Reports

- Joe Demare-  5 candidates filed county committee petitions in his county.

- Lorain County had meeting today, Andrew met two new members.

- Hamilton County Greens - had their annual meeting Saturday. Some people from Columbus also attended.. Recruited a candidate to run for State Senate (note from Gwen - I don’t think this will happen)  Recruited 2 new people to run for Hamilton County CC membership plus 6 returning. Educational forum scheduled at Cincinnati’s downtown library tower room on January 27t from 1:00

Hamilton County endorsed 3 city Council candidates in 2017, one of them, Chris Smitherman won re-election to City Council. He was chosen by mayor to be Vice-mayor. Hamilton County Green party gets to name 3 individuals for the mayor to choose from to appoint to council.


Old Business - none

New Business -

Working committee evaluations- Joe reminded that  it is time for the annual evaluations of the working committee and asked if someone take evaluations and score them. Joe does not want to do this because he is political director.


Connie- wants discussion on write-in candidates in which the filing deadline is February

26th. Nathan wants to have a meeting in early February to discuss further and in the meantime, put out a call for candidates. *So Moved. *


*Date of next meeting: Saturday February 10, 10am