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March 2017 State Central Committee

March 2017 State Central Committee

Report Document: 

Minutes approved from March 18, 2017 Meeting during the April 15, 2017 call


Notes from Saturday, March 18th 10AM Ohio Green Party Call


1. Attendance & Quorum   - 9 needed to have quorum for voting - quorum was established by 10:05 AM.

District 2::  Present:  Anita Rios (checked in 10:25),  Joe DeMare  Absent:  Alexandra Kendzierski, Monika Perry,

District 3:  Present:   Logan Martinez, Absent Tim Bruce

Districts 4 : Present:  Gwen Marshall, Don Rucknagel, Dorsey Stebbins, Absent: Nathaniel Lane

District 6:   Present:  Robert Fitrakis, Suzanne Patzer, Tekla Taylor-Lagway, Connie Gadell Newton

District 8:    Absent: Jim Villani

District 9:  Present:  Stephen Caruso

District 11:  Present:  Phil Mohorich

Present:  Jake Ellis & Ellen Duke & Philena on the call through the freeconference web app  Not on call but received Google Doc:  Samuel Richard, Andrew Smith                                                                   

2. Minutes approved with no objections for:

In person meeting on Saturday January 21, 2017

February conference call Sunday, February 19, 2017


3. Financial report by Phil M.  

- Current Balance of $1879.64

- 11 recurring donations (monthly)


- Officially accepting  new Treasurer as of April 1, 2017 when Phil’s resignation as Treasurer is accepted.   Tekla will be the official treasurer & Becca Calhoun will be the official deputy treasurer.  Phil said that he didn’t manage an official state PAC, just a party account.  There is a separate PAC being managed by Tom Burgess of Franklin County as a separate entity.  

- Found that we can keep the 5th 3rd Account since there is a branch in Columbus.   Bob thought this might be an easier process.  


Tekla asked that a check for over $500 would require two signatures and was told that she should work this out with the bank and that the committee didn’t need to discuss this and had no official statement on this.


On a separate note, Ohio Green Party Federal PAC was closed by Connie and the balance given to new treasurer Tekla with a bank check. $2,700 ish in the account.  (exact amount not reported in 3/18/17 call)


4. Officer & Committee Chair Reports - new information only


a)  Co-Chairs- Connie pointed out that the Youth and the Black Caucuses have been very active.  


b)  National Campaign Committee- Bob pointed out that there is still an on-going action in Pennsylvania  & Wisconsin related to the recount.  


c)  marijuana committee - no report


4.  Candidate Reports:

Report by Joe DeMare:

Reported that-  Ellen Duke candidate for Bowling Green City Council - May 2nd election was on the call and asked to speak during the call

    Joe reported that there is only one contested Green Party primary in Ohio for the May 2 primary election, that is in Bowling Green (BG). In BG, we have four candidates running for two open, at large City Council seats. Those four candidates are Beverly Ann Keeling-Elwazani, Helen K. Dukes, Carolyn Kawecka, and Roz McCallister. Beverly is the most serious candidate. She has already raised over $750, and has a campaign manager, treasurer, fb page, and  a team of people willing to work on her campaign. The Wood County Green Party plans to promote all four candidates equally. We are working on getting a bank account, and creating campaign materials.

    Since this is the Party's only opportunity to gain new members until the 2018 primary. Joe requests that all Greens, especially those on the State Committee, come out to Bowling Green at least once during the month of April to campaign for our primary candidates. He will put people up at his house, if necessary, feed, and train them in door to door canvassing techniques.


Reports from other State Central Committee Officers -  no new information

2017 candidate reports: Ellen Duke spoke as listed above                                

5.  Working committee reports: -  New information only

A.   Political Director - Joe

He has recently returned from DAPL protest including being arrested.  He has talked to a couple of individuals who might be willing to run for Governor.

Connie said that we should try for a larger slate of candidates for a large diversity of offices so that more positions are being sought by Green Party members.  


The governor’s campaign - not officially reported on if people can sign more than one petition for Governor from any one party.  


B.   Director of Party Development -  Director -- i.e., senior fundraising manager

Jake Ellis <jake.anthony.e91@gmail.com>  of Lorain County

Jake Ellis,  1324 Maryland Ave,  Lorain OH   44052    -   440-453-7658

Logan moved that we accept Jake Ellis temporarily to fill this job.   Joe said that he thinks the Political Director should oversee this position as well since this person is representing the Green Party and wants to meet with Jake to work out the details on this.  Connie said that this person should put together a team to work on this.  Connie said that “temporary” means that Jake should fill this job now and then a review will take place in a timely manner.    Connie called for agreement on this (which was given) and it was agreed that the evaluation would occur in September.  It was also agreed that it was a “given” that Jake would work  with Joe with this as Political and Party Development.   


C.   Digital Media Coordinator - Website Volunteer Update - Philena -Notes from Philena during the call, she typed in, “I’m on the freeconference web app.   Part of the Nationbuilder training group for Green party”  We need to create @ohiogreens.org email for Jake

D.  Policy Advisor  - also not a filled position, like what Bob has been doing with the Stein Campaign and said that he is able to do this sort of thing for Ohio as the Co-Chair.  He is doing this on an interim basis - no report given


E.   Volunteer Coordinator - past Ohio coordinator for the Stein Campaign:  Nathan Lane - not on the March call so no information was given.

Nathan proposed  a June or July 2017 in person meeting.  Nathan is responsible for setting up an online communication for picking a date and initiating discussion as to the goals of this meeting.  No discussion on whether or not we want an in person meeting this summer.  


F.   Press Secretary - Phil Mohorich’s report

Social Media report:

- Twitter followers 1,734  (will be working on getting GPOH twitter account “verified” by twitter)

- FB Likes   1,880


-List of press releases since the previous meeting:


No formal press releases….    Call for Candidates was published on website



Free Press article was published on website



Several Nat’l press releases were published on website


6. Old Business:

- Bulk Mailing permit:  would also need to determine the location for the permit for mailing purposes.  

From March call:  Joe still said that we should get this permit but is willing to wait until we raise more money so that it is not a drain.  He said that we should plan to have mailing by October.  Suzanne pointed out that the rules for sorting for a bulk mailing keep changing and is a lot of trouble and wonders if we would save the $450 that the permit would cost.  Joe said that he was thinking that a printing company would do the sorting (for money) and just use the bulk permit for the actual mailing.  Joe said this is about getting ready for 2018 and that the Democrat party has been targeting Green Party members with their mailings; he sees this as a way to do a timely response.  Joe said that by the April meeting that he would sent out an email asking for money and that maybe then people would be more in favor of this proposal.  

Connie asked if we should table this issue or move on a vote.  Joe said that he would like to table this discussion until April.  


Appointments to Central Committee -  no new information


Update on County’s reporting to their BOE and to the GPO-CC secretary - none


Reports from other counties or statewide: -  

Logan said they are having a 2nd meeting in their County.

Bob reported that in Franklin County they were involved in a recent march and that Connie had a Green Party fund-raising party for her birthday party.    


7. New Business -


Youth Caucus request for funds  Request for $501

Proposed by Connie:  Samuel, Chair of the Youth Caucus has been hard at work building and promoting the caucus, with the intention of building an organization that can mobilize college campuses and other young people for the Greens.  After the federal PAC was wound up, we were left with about $2700 which I have given to our new treasurer Tekla to deposit.   I ask the Greens to consider supporting the caucuses in their organizing with some of this money.  I know that the Youth Caucus plans to use some of this as seed money to do additional fundraising, so hopefully they will be self supporting after this.


From: Samuel Richards <ogpyouthcaucus@gmail.com>  Date: Wed, Mar 15, 2017 at 4:20 PM

Subject: Request for Funds  from Samuel Richards, Ohio Green Party  Youth Caucus Chair

Proposed Budget:  Total: $501

*Online Presence*

Domain (ogpyc.org): $6

DIY Website hosting (6 months): $90

Facebook Advertising (30 day advertising campaign):  $150

In the proposed budget for the website, we will initially lose $96 over a 6 month period.  However, donations will be a large focus of the website, allowing the website to sustain itself.  With Facebook Ads, we will reach* a minimum* of 2,500 Facebook users and 3,500 Instagram users.  The ads will target users between the ages of 15-30, with plans to attend community or state college, with interests in progressive politics (attached).  This

will give us an opportunity to expand our social media presence, as well as starting an initial ad campaign. After the first 6 months, the YC will have an accurate picture of our future funding and our ad campaign potential.

.*Merchandising* (For future fundraising)

Tshirts (30): $255

In the proposed budget for merchandising, we can hit a gross profit of $600, and a net profit of $345.

Total: $501



Discussion on the Youth Caucus request:  Anita said that we need to make an official by-law revision to make thes Caucus organizations an official part of the Ohio Green Party.  She suggested that this $501 request go through the Ohio Green Party treasurer until the Caucus’s becomes officially recognized.  Connie said that she thought that the Youth Caucus is currently working on setting up a PAC.  Logan suggested that this could be a matching fund grant.   Anita pointed out that on the national level that the Caucuses are not allowed to have and control their own money.  Joe said that we could authorize the money and have Tekla write the checks for the individual items as needed for reimbursement.  Gwen pointed out that we do receipts for the expenses.  The Ohio Green Party does have a PayPal Account.  Logan requested to find out if we can just transfer the $2,700 from the Federal PAC to the state account.  Connie said that they had called the FEC and that this was a legal process that is allowed and that donating money to a Youth Caucus PAC would be allowable.  Anita wanted us to make sure that we have a good and clean paper trail and that she does want them to get this allocation.  Connie said that we will need to wait to make sure they have a PAC and bank account set up and that we have two choices:  1) give them the $501 or 2) give them $300 and have them raise the rest.  Joe asked if Logan was willing to have us give the Youth Caucus $500 and ask them to raise $500 more.  Connie proposed that we give them $400 and ask them to raise the rest.  Joe proposed & Anita seconded to just give them the $501 to do what was requested in writing.  Jake asked for clarification of “match” and was told that this was just a fundraising goal, not a pay back needed.   Logan asked if Connie was working with this Caucus and expressed concern with them having a PAC in the Green Party name since there is no official way to do this in our bylaws.  Anita reminded us that this group formed as a result of the meeting called by the Ohio Green Party.   Jake was asked to and did speak on behalf of the work the Youth Caucus was doing of a positive nature.  Joe said that we should ask for a final report on how the money was spent.  Gwen pointed out that they have made a specific request and that is how it should be spent.  Connie said that she supported the idea of the report and that there not be an expectation that the money be spent exactly the same way it says they would spend it.  Connie asked us to agree to give the Youth Caucus $500 after their bank account and PAC are set up and to have them report back in September 2017 as to how the money was spent.  No objections were raised so agreed to this proposal


Support Cheri Honkala by sending out Ohio Green Party support on our social media. - Cheri is a write in candidate but we want to support her on social media.  


Don asked who would want to attend the SPAN meeting for free, based on the $75 donation that was made by the GPO  in February.  The SPAN meeting is Saturday, April 29th.  Logan and Anita are planning to attend and plan to register and Anita said that Logan could take the free seat.  Don was assigned the task of arranging for the text of that advertisement, “The Green Party of Ohio supports …..” with SPAN for their meeting’s program.


Logan initiated the discussion about an e-newsletter

Suzanne pointed out that they already have a Mail Chimp account in Columbus that is currently being used for 4,000 people.  Joe said that he is planning to write the newsletter and that we could merge her list with the one he got from Philena to do a mailing.  Logan expressed concern about merging a non profit activity with a party activity; Suzanne pointed out that the Mail Chimp’s  $50 a month is being paid for by Bob personally, not a non profit account so there would not be a problem.


Announcements:  None


8.  Next meeting date  - Saturday, April 15th at 10:00 (the day before Easter.)  


Comments from Connie related to the use of the Google Doc to prepare for the meetings and during the call:  

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9. Adjourn:      12:10