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November 2018 - State Meeting Minutes

November 2018 - State Meeting Minutes

AGENDA Ohio Green Party Central Committee meeting 11/17/2018

Check in 10:00 - 10:15 (we will get started sooner if possible)

State Central Committee Meeting 10:15-11:05
1) (5 mins) Review meeting process and facilitation
(co-chairs Nathan Lane and Anita Rios will facilitate, take the stack, and keep time)
2) (5 mins) Quorum check

  • Andrew Smith
  • Joe DeMare
  • Gwen
  • Brett
  • Jake
  • Nathan
  • Anita
  • Kevin
  • Don
  • Joe
  • Connie
  • Gary
  • Steve Caruso
  • Steve Dodge
  • Tim
  • Jim Volani
    • Consensus
  • David Ellison and Daryl Davis
    • Consensus
3) (5 mins) Agenda review and add any additional items
4) (5 mins) Approval of previous minutes
  • Tabled
5) (5 mins) Treasurer Report
  • Balance: $890
  • PayPal $626.70
  • $1,517.45
Political Director --
  • Kayla Gregor wants to start a GP
  • Focused on electronic media
6) (5 mins)  Car donation, tabled until after the election.
  • Columbus starting Tuesday for a week.  We need to pick it up in Deleware.
    • Title can be transferred, Connie is a notary
  • Working Committee to determine the usage of the car
    • Daryl, Connie, Becca, Gary
7) (5 mins) Election review (report back on returns & progress from 2016 efforts) Thank you to candidates
  • 47k votes, $.14/vote
  • $55 cost of finding a donor
  • Healthcare, Marijuana, Fracking
    • Social Media was mostly issue based
  • Consistently could reach 100k/month on Twitter
  • Astabula was best, Butler County was worst based on voting percentages
8) (15 mins) Candidate report (encompassing results, expenditures, insights, update on City Club lawsuit, etc)
  • David Cox
    • We need the GP now more than ever and it takes collective action
  • Steve Dodge
    • How do we answer the spoiler argument?
      • Voter Registration is crucial to our processes
  • Joe Manchik
    • We can’t compete because there isn’t any money
      • OGP needs to focus on fundraising
      • System of Dues
  • Kevin
    • Focused on Social Media
    • Focused on Local Issues
      • Fought against a bill to make barking dogs a jailable offense
      • Safety in bike lanes was an issue
    • People want us to show up and provide real change
      • Kevin got over 5.5% in the election, more than any Green running in 2018
  • Brett
    • Running Candidates in 2019 and 2020
    • Expanding the party, whose message already resonates with Ohioans
    • Be inclusionary
  • Connie
    • See the attached analysis (PDF)
  • Reviews Fundraising, Website, Volunteers, contact management, petitioning process, email, branding, events and scheduling, volunteer office, media, coalition building and endorsement, issues and platform
11:05- 11:30 Discussion about strategy and next steps
9) (10 mins) Legal options for regaining status, (Bob and Connie)
  • The main case revolves around the Cleveland Club and Debate Commission.
    • Call for a Fine on the commission
  • Ohio GP is listed as a plaintiff, may have to vote
    • Put up to a vote, passes by consensus
  • Riffe Building, 77 S High Street, 10 am
  • Bob Fitrakis -- State law is solid and cannot be beaten in court
    • The presidential election is a good case for 2020
      • We would only need 5k signatures to get the pres on the ballot
      • Violation of First Amendment Rights
      • Federal laws might prohibit discrimination because GP is a federal party and we have an association with that GP
12:00-1:00 continue Discussion about strategy and next steps
10) (15 mins) Discussion of what should our political focus and message be tailored to moving forward and Proposal to pass a resolution affirming the Green Party's independence from other Parties and organizations?
  • Joe DeMare:  That while the Ohio Green Party may work with and be influenced by other entities on specific issues, it is a violation of the Key Values of Personal Responsibility and Decentralization for the Greens in positions of leadership or responsibility to take orders directly from other such entities.  The Green Party is an independent organization. It is not an adjunct or subsidiary to any other entity.
  • David Ellison:  Proposal should be withdrawn because the GP is about coming together and this proposal does not do this.  Move to Question (Based on the Bylaws): Tabled until end of stack by both chairs
  • Andrew Smith - No
  • Joe DeMare - Yes
  • Gwen - Yes
  • Brett - No
  • Jake- No
  • Nathan - No
  • Anita - No
  • Kevin - No
  • Don - No
  • Connie - No
  • Gary - Yes
  • Tekla - No
  • Steve Caruso - No
  • Tim - No
  • Jim Volani - No
  • David Ellison - No
  • Daryl Davis - No
  • Philena - No
  • Becca - Abstain
Proposal FAILS: 3 yes, 15 no, 1 abstention
11) (15 mins) Recruiting and running candidates as independents in 2019 and beyond
  • Connie:  What should our role be as a central committee in 2019?  Our role is the state committee
  • Kevin:  We should run local campaigns as a way to build support
  • Andrew:  They’re not mutually exclusive
  • David: The focus should be on a presidential candidate with a contested primary; GP should endorse local candidates that are interested in the environment, healthcareheathcare, public schooling
    • Gwen: We can’t have a primary because we won’t have ballot access
Candidate’s Working Group:  Kevin, Brett, Gary, Philena, David, Nathan, Logan
12) (15 mins) Petitioning for party status, goals, strategy, needs to implement a strategy, should the CC officially endorse the efforts already underway?
  • Working Committee for Party Status: Anita, Brett, Connie, Kevin, Nathan
  • Libertarians spent 100k in Franklin, Hamilton, Cuyahoga
    • Anyone can sign as long as they are registered
    • Anyone can circulate as long as they are 18
    • Every citizen can register to vote then immediately sign
  • We need a one-pager to explain circulation rules and guidelines
    • Working Committee for Informing Circulators: Nathan, Brett, David Ellison
  • Must be used as a building opportunity for our party
13) (15 mins) Discussion about a Ranked choice voting ballot initiative with the Libertarian Party, FairVote and other groups of like-minded organizations in Ohio and Nationally.
  • Changing voting with a ballot initiative should be coupled with our own party status
  • Problems with ranked choice:  Vast amount of computing power and unreliable.
  • Both will help the Green Party Rank and approval suggestion both on the ballot
  • Anita presents opposition to this issue not focused enough on voters or societalsoceital issues
  • Organizational Capacity to handle this
  • Item Tabled and suggested to be sent to working committee
10 am on the 22nd of December
14) (15 mins) Other methods of engaging as an active political force in our communities, local referendums, activist organizations, projects to build awareness of the Green "Brand" in Ohio counties and communities
1:00 to 1:10 10 min break
1:10 to 2:20 Caucus meetings and wrap up
15) (40 mins) Caucus meetings
16) (15 min) reconvene and Reports from Caucus meetings
17) (10 min) schedule next meeting
18) ( 5 min) thank you to our hosts and adjourn
clean up