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Ohio Green Party State Central Committee June, 2017

Ohio Green Party State Central Committee June, 2017




Meeting notes from Saturday, June 10, 2017 10:00 AM  Ohio Green Party Call


1. Attendance & Quorum  - 10 needed to have quorum for voting as of 5/6/17

District 2:  Present:  Anita Rios,  Joe DeMare  Absent: Alexandra Kendzierski, Monika Perry

District 3:  Present: Logan Martinez, Absent:  Tim Bruce

Districts 4: Present: Gwen Marshall, Don Rucknagel, Dorsey Stebbins, Nathaniel Lane

District 6:  Present: Robert Fitrakis, Suzanne Patzer, Connie Gadell Newton Absent: Tekla Taylor-Lagway,

District 8:    absent:  Jim Villani

District 9:  Present: Stephen Caruso

District 11:  absent:  Phil Mohorich


Also added into Quorum as of 5/6/17 when officially formed & recognized

Black Caucus - Philena Farley  <philena30@gmail.com> (present)

Youth Caucus - Samuel Richards  <ogpyouthcaucus@gmail.com>  (present)

Women’s Caucus

Lavender Caucus

Latinx Caucus

Disability Caucus


Also invited to participate to call but not counted towards quorum:

Jake Ellis,  Director of Party Development <jake.anthony.e91@gmail.com>  (present)

Becca Calhoun, Deputy Treasurer <beccacalhoun@att.net>

Phone callers and associated #’s - information added by Stephen during call:  

Anita Rios - +1 419-902-6618

Jake Ellis +1 440-477-0238

Don Rucknagel - +1 513-931-3459

Samuel Richards +1 937-419-9162    

Connie Gadell NEWTON - +1 614-288-1082

Fitrakis - +1 614-253-2571

Gwen Marshall - +1 513-541-6978 - official phone number, for conference calls uses (513) 917-0987

Joe Demare - +1 419-973-5841

Logan - +1 937-433-8260

Nathan - +1 513-807-6971

Bob & Suzanne - 614-253-2571


2. Minutes approved from May 6, 2017 call - at bottom of this document:


3. Financial report   - Tekla Treasurer & Becca Calhoun Deputy Treasurer   

Information entered by Tekla before call:  Treasury is at $4,545.39.  There are no outstanding checks.


4. Officer & Committee Chair Reports:


a)  Co-Chairs -  report by Bob, typed by Connie:  What is going on in the National Party: Controversy about Jill Stein in Russia.  Bob explained that Jill was in the MI6 report.  They are trying to say that we are working with the Russians.  Voter rights lawsuits - lawsuit to put paper in voting machines, suing in Wisconsin.  He went to Left Forum, lots of attention on Russian Hack and election integrity.  Supreme Court will hear issue of illegality of voter purges.  


b)  National Campaign Committee-   2017 Green Party Annual Meeting in Newark, New Jersey, July 13-16.  (register at: https://store11450281.ecwid.com )


Business from Ohio related to 2017 Green Party Annual Meeting:  

Request / report from Don Rucknagel, Ohio Representative to national committee:  follow up on the GPO-CC vote at May 14, 2016 meeting, “pg 6 of notes:  Motion for approval voting (Don)  In elections with more than one candidate, the Ohio Green Party will use approval voting (i.e., each voter may vote for as many candidates as he or she wishes). The Ohio Green Party will recommend approval voting to the national Green Party.  The motion passed 8 yes, 2 no, 3 abstentions.”  Is there any other action needed before Don is able to promote Approval Voting for use of and recommendation for use for the Green Party nationally?  


Agreed at this June 2017 meeting that we as a board have done as much as we need to do, but that Suzanne, as secretary she needs to send Jan Martell an email : ninth.st@frontier.com on this issue.  Done - Suzanne reported that this task was completed during our meeting.


Coordination / Communication related to Ohio delegates attending the 2017 meeting.  Official Ohio delegates are:  Don Rucknagel, Logan Martinez & Philena Farley and alternate:  Anita Rios as of the start of the June meeting.  

For the purpose of the 2017 convention, during this June meeting, we added Nathan Lane &  Jake Ellis to be alternates so they could vote at this 2017 National Convention if the other, previously approved delegates weren’t at the meeting.  


Don is going out of Cincinnati & Anita is going from Toledo & Connie is going from Columbus.  Currently Nathan is thinking of going, we learned that Philena is planning to go.  Anita has purchased housing for herself and two other rooms.  Jake is thinking of going (currently a registered Democrat but running as a candidate so is considered a Green.)  

Are any of these folks coordinating their transportation?  

-National Committee meeting. ( Anita will be driving to the meeting and anticipate being able to give rides to at least 3 people.)


-Anita Running for national committee co-chair.  She is asking for the Ohio delegate’s support.  Connie made a motion that we have the Ohio delegates vote for Anita for co-chair; this passed with no objections.


Is there any subsidy from the Ohio Green Party for those attending as Ohio delegates? Gwen proposed $200 per delegate, Connie said the cost is at least $320 per person excluding transportation. Joe suggested reimbursing Anita for her car rental.  Anita said that she thought it was a good precedent to give some money for the delegates/alternates but was not planning to ask for transportation reimbursement for herself.   Gwen asked that we limit the number of people to be subsidized.  It was agreed, with no objections, that we would offer up to 5 people up to $150 each if they requested the subsidy and attend the Conference.   


c)  marijuana committee - no report    


4.  Candidate Reports:

-  Connie’s campaign for Governor, has taken in about $1,000 so far in donations and is using this early money to purchase flyers for canvassing.  Will be in Yellow Springs today with a small group of volunteers at a festival.  Will be doing Gay Pride next week in Columbus.  She does have a campaign committee including a treasurer and she has put out press releases announcing her run.  Her plan is to do a weekly campaign press release on current events like the other candidates are doing.  Phil has been helping with the press releases.  Most recent press release on health care with Athem pulling out of Ohio’s health care exchange.  She will be putting out PDF’s of her flyers for other areas to print up for distribution as well.


Reports from other State Central Committee Officers -  no additional reports


5.  Working committee reports: - new information only


A.   Political Director - Joe

Motion by Tekla to  Authorize Political Director to spend up to $25 per month, “I propose that the GPOH Central Committee authorize the Political Director to spend up to $25 per month on Green Party expenses without needing additional permission to cover such items as gas for Green Party business, for targeted facebook ads, etc.”  Connie seconded the motion to support and said that he should ask for more when needed.  The motion passed with no objections.  Joe would still need to turn in receipts, which can be sent directly to Tekla unless they go over $25 then these receipts should go through the Executive Committee (Bob’s suggestion).  Even though the $25 is a bit of a stipend, the receipts will help make it easier and more transparent for the bookkeeping.  


Joe’s report, He has been working with Jake and noted that they have created a more accurate email list for upcoming email blasts.  On the issue of a contested primary for Governor as a way to get more people to vote in the primary (the way we get people to register as Greens).  Joe’s question is should he keep looking for a candidate to run against Connie?  Anita said that she thought it would be better to fill the down ticket slate instead.  Connie also pointed out that she still is seeking a Lt. Governor candidate as well and has sent out a questionnaire related to that.  Her goal is to find someone not from Columbus who can add to the campaign and help build for future elections.  Basically Joe was given permission to back off on seeking a second governor’s candidate and then to do what he thought was best in seeking down ticket candidates.  


B.   Director of Party Development - Jake Ellis

Report for ⅞

Adam hickey and lake county

Youth caucus (young greens) changes

Report for CC meeting 6/10 for Jake Director of Party Development (typed in by Jake &/or Samuel)

- Progress of the youth caucus, website cost, layout CRO,  internship finished product

- Green enter, financials involved, status of the location, promoting this event through all forms of media green enter videos

- State development - mostly pertaining to the state meeting meeting format content development,

- MVP’s like youth caucus internship program,  Media development


2 Proposed Items:

  1. Creation of a (Draft Bernie Sanders) People Caucus - (MVP, Minimum viable Product);


-To bring progressive (disenfranchised dems further left, so far left they end up green) bernie dems/ independents into a conversation that they can explore the options the green party has and become passionate about our cause.

-Exposure if anything this will generate a lot of exposure for the greens trying to appeal to that base of die hard sanders supporters

-Activist ultimately we need more active people to run a governor's campaign and operate at the capacity we need in order to move our party further and keep ballot access


-Leftist, liberals, former dems, “bernie bros”, dems, independents, activist, disenfranchised people. progressives, all the people who should’ve gone green anyways


-We can offer these people a platform with ballot access and a place to voice their idea of trying to recruit the senator

-A chance to explore a party which has in large remained true to it’s principles since it’s conception with the german greens

Primary Competition:

-Draft Bernie for a People's Party, Progressive independent party, Young dems, Justice dems, Regular democrats Independents,

- all the groups that kind of aren’t too effective but are actively to some capacity trying to engage the senator.

Competitive edge:

-We are an actual political party, with ballot access, candidates and a form design that doesn't allow for corruption.



2) Proposed second Item:  Web design, taking our CRO into consideration youth caucus website, content talking about formating the state website to be more mobile compatible seeing what avenues we could explore in web development for the green party of the State of Ohio.


Examples of digestible content we could use in Connie’s campaign the State Website, and youth caucus website, lorain county website, and my own campaign


C.   Digital Media Coordinator - Website Volunteer Update - Philena - on call but didn’t report except later regarding the Facebook boost for a specific event.  


D.  Policy Advisor  - also not a filled position, like what Bob has been doing with the Stein Campaign and said that he is able to do this sort of thing for Ohio as the Co-Chair.  He is doing this on an interim basis - no report


E.   Volunteer Coordinator - Nathan Lane

He has not been getting folks to reach out to him directly recently so hasn’t done much on this as a result.  He noted that we need to do more social media posts to raise our state profile compared to the other political parties in Ohio.  


It was pointed out that we need contact information on our web page.  Anyone who is willing to have this information listed should send it to Philena.  

Philena exported volunteer form submissions to excel file

https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/14JyVpNYV6ThXxyaVNBcmhgO_dL9g0i0Bw7PQ30R7XBk/edit?usp=sharing .


F.   Press Secretary - Phil Mohorich

Social Media report:       1775 Twitter followers.

                                       1926 Facebook likes


List of press releases since the previous meeting - posted by Phil before meeting, he was not on the June call:   


Posted Connie’s Gubernatorial Campaign announcement:        http://ohiogreens.org/story/constance-gadell-newton-co-chair-ohio-green-party-announces-she-will-run-governor-ohio-2018


Posted two national GP press releases


Will publish on Friday, June 9 a press release from Connie’s campaign regarding Anthem pullout from Ohio Health Insurance Exchange.


Reports from other counties or statewide: -  none


6. Old Business:


Appointments to Central Committee -  none


Update on County’s reporting to their BOE and to the GPO-CC secretary -  none


Follow up on in - person State meeting (Anita)              

Date:  Cuyahoga Falls, Library, August 26, Saturday, 12-5pm

First part will be board meeting, after we will have program with speakers

We will have agenda for our meeting, Jake and others will do agenda for program.  We should bring food for potluck. We will also set up a means to join in by conference call.

ICS link to Free Conf. Call Calendar Event Cuyahoga Falls Aug.26: https://www.freeconferencecall.com/v2/schedule_events/1503763200_as_304892.ics?subscription_id=4068396


Jake has preliminary agenda.  Kevin Fay is also helping planning.  

Gwen would like to conference in due to her prior obligations for that day. Agreed that we will also set up a means to join in by conference call.  


7. New Business -

Ohio Green Party Proposal for Policy on Public Positions Taken by Caucuses:  

Posted by: "Joe DeMare" electricity2@cs.com   Date: Wed May 31, 2017 7:05 am

Here is a proposed policy for the Ohio Green Party to adopt dealing with our semi-autonomous caucuses taking public positions on issues. I'm submitting it for consideration at the next State Committee Meeting. In it, I tried to follow the Erica's lead on the Cincinnati issue, since she handled it pretty well. I've also tried to incorporate the sense of the group during our recent discussion. It seems to me that people want the Caucuses to have maximum freedom, but we do have to be careful about a Caucus taking a position in the future that does not align with Green Party values. This policy does not require approval by the state committee for a caucus position, but it does require that the state committee be informed BEFORE public statements are released. This gives the state committee the opportunity to weigh in on the issue with the caucus, and release its own public statement on the issue if necessary. We need to adopt a formal policy before any problems arise, so that if a Caucus takes a public position that conflicts with Green values without following this policy, the State Committee can disavow it if necessary.  It's also important to note that if the Youth and Black Caucuses are now voting members of the State Committee, they get to vote on this policy, as well. We would be doing this with them, not to them.


Ohio Green Party Policy on Public Positions Taken by Caucuses


* Any position taken by a Caucus must be in accordance with the Ten Key Values of the Green Party.


* Any public position taken by a Caucus must, in keeping with the State Committee bylaws, follow a democratic procedure within the caucus for approval. Preferably, the Statement will be approved within the Caucus by consensus.


* If there is a local, active Green Party group in the area where an issue arises, the Caucus must inform them of their position.


* Before the public position is released, a representative of the Caucus must inform at least one and preferably both the Co-Chairs.


* At least 24 hours before a public statement is released, the statement must be distributed to the members of the State Committee via the Committee's Listserv or other method.


* Any press releases or documents to be released to the public should be reviewed by the State Committee's Press Secretary for accuracy and clarity before they are released.


Connie wanted added in that the statements need to make clear that the statement is being made by an individual caucus.  


Gwen wants added, “no statements should be made or positions taken by the Ohio Green Party or any of its Caucuses that have not been researched for accuracy.”


Anita stated her opposition to their being such a formal process.  Joe said he didn’t think this was a complicated process and that it would improve the statements before they go out and if proved to be a problem, that this could be revised later.   


Connie proposed tabling this until we could follow Anita’s concerns of allowing the caucuses to weigh in on this.  Gwen said that she thought this should be in force until a policy is approved; this was not agreed to, just the tabling of the proposal for today.  


Posted by Gwen before the meeting the recommendation that no statements should be made or positions taken by the Ohio Green Party or any of its Caucuses that have not been researched for accuracy.  For example from the Youth Caucus’ statement to the Cincinnati School Board, “We are aware that school districts of wealth do not experience suicide in the youth like those in Cincinnati. We expect the educational wealth of Hamilton County evenly distributed to all schools.”  Gwen notes from her 44 years of experience in 34 schools & 14 school districts that there is no data to show that suicide is a low income problem and her experience has caused her to conclude that suicide is a bigger problem in the upper middle class school districts.  In addition, the call for the distribution of funding for students, would result in less per person spending in the Cincinnati Public Schools which is currently spending more per pupil than the County or State average.    From http://public-schools.startclass.com/l/69154/Carson-Elementary-School


Carson & CPS expenditures.png


Don Rucknagel:   Last Dec. the Legislature passed a preemption bill that outlawed Cleveland’s increase in the minimum wage and prevents other localities from doing the same. Can we do anything about that?  - agreed to discuss by email this week.  

Referendum on redistricting.  (Logan) - Logan was told to send out more specific information by email and this could be approved by email.  He said that we just needed to start to look at this.   

-Request by Anita that the OHGP give a loan of ($200) to cover the deposit for the venue for  "Enter Green Party" event.  Jake said that this would help with the fact that Summit County doesn’t have a treasurer yet and this would help overcome that for this event and the money is supposed to be repaid to the Ohio Green Party.  The Youth Caucus which has its own PAC would be handling this event.  This would be a loan to their PAC.  This was approved without objection.  


Philena asked for a facebook boost $50.  This was approved without objection.  


Announcements:  none


8.  Next meeting date  - Saturday, July 8th at 10:00 am - conference call

ICS calendar link: https://www.freeconferencecall.com/v2/schedule_events/1499522400_as_304899.ics?subscription_id=4068396                             

9. Adjourn: noon