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State Central Committee Minutes April 2017

State Central Committee Minutes April 2017

Monthly Meeting Minutes
Report Document: 

1. Attendance & Quorum  - 9 on call by 2:15 to give quorum for voting

District 2::  Present;  Joe DeMare, Anita Rios, (joined call at 2:45)  Absent;  Alexandra Kendzierski, Monika Perry

District 3:   Present;  Logan Martinez, Absent;  Tim Bruce

Districts 4 : Present: Gwen Marshall, Nathaniel Lane Absent: Don Rucknagel, Dorsey Stebbins

District 6:   Present: Robert Fitrakis, Suzanne Patzer, Tekla Taylor-Lagway, Connie Gadell Newton

District 8:   Absent  Jim Villani

District 9: Present  Stephen Caruso

District 11:   Phil Mohorich - put report on Google Doc since not able to be on call.


Google Doc & invitation also to:

Jake Ellis,  Director of Party Development <jake.anthony.e91@gmail.com>

Samuel Richards <ogpyouthcaucus@gmail.com>  OHGP  Youth Caucus Chair

Becca Calhoun, Deputy Treasurer <beccacalhoun@att.net>


2. Minutes approval needed for March 18, 2017 call (included at the bottom of this document.) - 2:12 quorum reached to consider approval of minutes.  No objections raised so minutes were approved.  


3. Financial report  - Tekla Treasurer & Becca Calhoun Deputy Treasurer   


Reported by Tekla:  The amount of money that came in other than regular sustaining donations totals $80.00 from 3 separate individuals.  1 for $25.00, 1 for $50.00, and 1 for $5.00


We have a balance in our account of $4,103.31.  

There is a $300 check (donation) not yet deposited, and the sustainers' donations for the month have not yet been deposited in the account -- for the latter, I have asked for Phil's help.  When those deposits have been made, the balance in the account will be about $4,569.31

Cashier’s check of $500 written to Youth Caucus. No outstanding checks. __._,_.

4. Officer & Committee Chair Reports


a)  Co-Chairs-  

Connie led discussion of the 2018 elections including the race for Governor as well as planning for other more local races around the State in 2018 with candidates who will support our candidate for Governor.  Connie & Anita are currently planning to run but neither has chosen a running mate.  She stated that their plan would be to campaign with the Green Party’s State Rep. candidates from around the state.  

Clermont, Lorain and Summit are new and functioning county branches.  Also Sandusky, Greene and Montgomery are getting started.  Joe will send county branch contact info to the GPOH state committee yahoo email.  


State Committee has to appoint members to new committees.  If there is a local County Committee, they can nominate but they still need to be approved by the State’s Central Committee (normally a rubber stamp) but these appointments must either be a Green or technically an independent by not having voted in the 2016 statewide primary.   The County Committee’s Secretary will need to keep this list up-to-date and give that information to the Secretary of State and its local Board of Elections: O.R.C. 3517.06.  Groups can call themselves Green Clubs or Organizations or Branches but they cannot call themselves Greens if they are members of another political party.   We do need to encourage these potential Green Party members to vote in the statewide 2018 Green Party primary to become actual Green Party members.  


b)  National Campaign Committee- no report


c)  marijuana committee -       4/20 event  Rehab Tavern  in Columbus


4.  Candidate Reports: no report


Reports from other State Central Committee Officers - no report


2017 candidate reports:  Joe reported on the Bowling Green Election at Logan’s request:  He said that he could use some more help in the next two weeks to flyer for their candidates for City Council.  Joe offered to put up anyone who came in from out-of-town. This is a partisan primary where people could become a Green (or we could lose Greens to another party) from this primary.  


5.  Working committee reports: -  no  new information


A.   Political Director - Joe’s report:  

Met with Jake to talk about nuts and bolts of fundraising. (can’t accept over $100 in cash (actually $99.99), only by check and must record all needed data for the PAC report.

Created and sent out email fundraising appeal. 7,300 addresses. Only 140 came back, about 70 as unsubscribe and 70 as undeliverable--An incredibly successful delivery and acceptance rate.

Met with Austin Bashore and Brian Cassidy, who is running for Cleveland City Council.

Helped BG candidates with candidates' night. Did media work for candidates.

Established Wood County Green Party bank acct updated fb pages, etc.

Created Bylaws that can be used as a template for new County Committees (emailed previously)

Talked with Joe Manchik and Tyler Bryan, Gave Tyler petitioning advice.  

Talked with Connie, Anita about their candidacies

Have recruited a candidate through the mailing, David G. Cox lawyer and former environmental compliance enforcer through the Attorney General's office.

Talked with Connie and Philena about where Philena should run. Joe believes Philena should

Logan suggests regionally based email follow ups. Joe will talk with Jake and Logan.


B.   Director of Party Development - Jake Ellis - not on call


C.   Digital Media Coordinator - Website Volunteer Update - Philena - not on call


D.  Policy Advisor  - also not a filled position, like what Bob has been doing with the Stein Campaign and said that he is able to do this sort of thing for Ohio as the Co-Chair.  He is doing this on an interim basis - no report not on call


E.   Volunteer Coordinator - Nathan Lane

Has been doing statewide social media some, but mostly has had to work for a living to get his life back on track.  


F.   Press Secretary - Phil Mohorich  - not on call but filed the following report:


        Two press releases since last meeting:

Green Party of Ohio: Single Payer Is The Solution   

           http://ohiogreens.org/story/green-party-ohio-single-payer-solution    (also published on gp.org)


Green Party of Ohio opposes First Energy's repeated bailout requests



Also Joe’s email fundraising letter was published




Also two national press releases were published on our site.


Social Media report:    


1,760 twitter followers, up 26 from last period

1,884 likes on our FB page


I am working on getting our twitter account “verified” by twitter, this is in line with other what other state Green parties are doing.


Reports from other counties or statewide: -   no new information


6. Old Business:


Proposal: Joe requested that we move forward on obtaining a Bulk mail permit for the Ohio Green Party.

Cost to apply for bulk mailing permit for first year:  $450.00  

Cost to renew each year:  $250

Cost of mailing/postage per piece: ~17 cents for postcard or letter.

No one was opposed to getting the permit or having the permit based at the location most convenient to where Joe can use it since he has been doing the mailing.  

Approved by consensus.                                                                                                                                                       

7. New Business -



1) a discussion and possible vote on the Caucus accreditation proposal, initially posted to the list 3/18/2017.  She said this is a bylaw issue and only works as an agreement among this committee for now.  She was not able to forward this today due to a garage door injury today and will resend the proposal which Gwen said that she would make sure is attached to the May agenda.  She asked that the proposal be postponed until next meeting.  Postponed.


2) discussion of planning a Green Party convention.  

We must observe Notice Requirements and give proper notice to our members.  Proposed amendments and changes to bylaws must be circulated to all registered Green Party County Central Committees at least six weeks in advance per bylaws.  

Anita Gwen and Nathan will serve on a committee to plan the convention

Gwen wants bylaws to be addressed, Joe will help with bylaw revision.  

Maybe Saturday, August 19th but we need to vet dates with the larger group.

Discussion on whether according to our bylaws this can be a “convention” or must just be a Statewide meeting.  



Election calendar For Ohio



Announcements:  The by-laws of Wood County are enclosed in this document after the March meeting minutes.  


Ajamu Baraka, Green Party Vice Presidential candidate from 2016 is coming to Cleveland State University speaking on Malcom X.  Event invitation is on facebook. Wednesday, April 19th at Cleveland State Law School Moot Court 3PM.  Our Co-Chairs Connie Gadell-Newton and Bob Fitrakis will also speak at this event.


8.  Next meeting date  - Saturday, May 6th 10:00 am


9. Adjourn:      3:37