Anti-War Teach-Ins Fall 2019

As the Trump administration moves towards war with Iran and after 18 years of wars across the Middle East and Africa, there is a huge need for peace education, outreach and action.

We are encouraging peace groups to organize anti-war teach-ins on college campuses and in communities in the coming months.   One possible theme should be the “Climate Crisis and World Peace.” The climate emergency is linked and interwoven to US Imperialism and its ongoing wars.

The peace movement needs to reach out to new constituencies. There are many successful efforts underway right now by several peace organizations.

We would like to make a major effort to reach out to college campuses.

Please reach out to student groups and activists in your town.

Let us know of any teach-ins or other actives in your community and peace educational materials that you would like to share.

Education can be done in many ways and formats in different mediums.  Lots of great work has and is being done focusing on peace issues.

This effort coincides with national NYC Sept 20-23 and local peace actions.

This past spring, three teach-ins were held at Kent State University, “Venezuela Teach- In” Columbus, Ohio, and “Mother’s Day for PEACE,” a celebration of the true meaning of Mother’s Day! Centreville, Virginia.

For Jobs and Peace,

Logan Martinez /937-260-2591

Green Party Peace Action Committee (GPAX)  Dayton, Ohio

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