Creating New Green Party County Committees – File by Feb 7th

Dear Ohio Greens, This is a reminder that tomorrow, Feb. 7th at 4:00 p.m. is the filing deadline for anyone who wishes to submit the form to become a voting member on one of the Green Party’s County Central Committees. I am writing to encourage all who may be interested to utilize this opportunity to help build the party organization statewide. It is very easy to do, as it only requires that you fill out a form and submit it to your county’s board of elections before the 4:00 pm deadline. No petition signatures are required, and to be eligible (if not previously a member of the Green Party) all you needed to do was sign the candidacy petition of one of our 2018 Green Party candidates. It is that easy!

I say this is a key opportunity to build the party, because under our current bylaws, members of a county committee can appoint other members to fill vacant seats, even without waiting for the next primary election. So as long as a given county has one or more members elected to its central committee, other members can be added through the appointment process.

This means that if you happen to live in a county that does not have an active Green Party committee, it is especially important that you consider placing your name on the May 8th ballot by filing the 2M Form with your County Board of Elections by 4:00 p.m. tomorrow. Our Bylaws provide for the creation of party committees in all 88 counties of Ohio. So let’s not let this opportunity pass us up. The State Central committee (and individual campaign committees) will provide training and support, but we need you to take the first step by filing the 2M form. Thanks and Go Greens!

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