Gadell-Newton is the anti-establishment candidate running for State Representative 18th District

If the 2016 election cycle of chaos has taught us anything, it’s that anti-establishment candidates are a future choice against the two political parties which have been entrenched for far too long.

Instead of holding their nose when they vote, progressives are turning away from the Democratic party. They are seeking candidates truly in line with their beliefs. Bernie Sanders, of course, has become the face of the left’s history-shattering movement. Unfortunately for conservatives, their predicament is flat-out disturbing.

No surprise is how this new-found focus for a true progressive is surging not just on a national level but locally, too.

Look no further than Olde Town East where a resident and an attorney is running for Ohio House of State Representative 18th District, which encompasses Columbus, Grandview Heights, German Village, Franklinton and the Near East.

Constance Gadell-Newton is the Green Party candidate for the 18th District and is Co-Chair of the Ohio Green Party Central Committee, which nominated Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein in April.

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