Green Party of Ohio opposes Nexus Pipeline

The Green Party of Ohio has declared its firm opposition to the Nexus Pipeline, planned by Spectra Energy to cross multiple counties in northern Ohio.  The route includes suburban areas of Stark, Summit, Medina and Lorain counties. 

We applaud the City Council of Bowling Green in voting to to deny the easement that Spectra Energy requested at its December 5th meeting. Green Party members from Wood, Lucas, and other counties along the proposed pipeline route spoke out at that meeting and earlier meetings, opposing the pipeline.

Although the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has recommended approval of  the project we stand united with local landowners who oppose its construction.

We have received reports of Spectra surveyors attempting to enter private property, at times accompanied by armed sheriffs officers, to conduct their work.  This is intimidation, plain and simple, and unacceptable.  

We also have our doubts as to whether or not pipelines are being constructed with the safety of the surrounding areas in mind, given recent pipeline explosions that have occurred in Alabama, New Mexico, and Missouri.

Ohio currently has approximately 10K miles of natural gas pipeline already in place.  Is the Nexus pipeline an absolutely critical piece of infrastructure that needs to be built?  

It is our view that additional pipelines are not needed.  What is needed is inspection, repair, and ongoing monitoring of existing lines to avoid, if at all possible, accidents and ruptures that can endanger lives and property.

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