Green Party of Ohio urges inclusive debates

Columbus OH: (5-18-16) The Green Party of Ohio is calling for the inclusion of our candidate for United States Senate, Joseph DeMare, be included in the debates that have been agreed to by the other candidates in the race, incumbent Senator Rob Portman and Democratic contender, former Governor Ted Strickland.

We remind the Democratic and Republican Parties that, to benefit the electorate, all candidates have the right to be heard, to present their case on an equal footing.

The primaries have ended; the nominees for all three recognized parties in Ohio have been chosen. It is vital that Ohio voters hear all the voices and have the ability to make an informed decision as to how they will vote in November.

To that end, we also call for the inclusion of the two independent candidates currently vying for the office of US Senator.

We also demand that our other candidates for US House and the Ohio Statehouse, as well as local offices be given the opportunity to debate their counterparts, should those debates occur.

Only by all the candidates being heard can Ohioans truly have the chance to vote for whom they see as having the ideas and platform that best matches the voters own ideals.

The majority of voters in Ohio are unaffiliated, to have a series of debates that only include two of of the candidates is to make the assumption that only voters who align with the Democrats and Republicans should have the opportunity to hear their candidate state his case. This profoundly unjust scenario denies everyone else the ability to make an informed decision, a informed decision that can only occur at a venue which includes more than just two predetermined viewpoints.

We challenge Mr. Strickland and Mr. Portman to act in the interests of all Ohioans, to include the voice of Mr. DeMare, as well as the two independent candidates in any and all debates that are planned.

We also urge the inclusion of the Green Party of United States Presidential nominee to be included in national debates leading up to the November vote. The Republican and Democratic Parties have maintained their stranglehold on politics for far too long. They have accomplished this through limiting ballot access and preventing alternative viewpoints from being heard. This must end. In 1916, five distinct parties were represented in Congress, today we have only two, with a handful of independents. This did not occur by accident, it is the result of policies and laws that serve to limit political choice. The Green Party of Ohio welcomes all voices to the process, and we urge our counterparts to do the same.

Joe Manchik for US House

Constance Gadell-Newton for Ohio Statehouse

Bob Fitrakis for Franklin County Prosecutor

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