Greens Party Members Meeting With President Maduro

News-UN-Venezuela.jpgGreens are Part of Peace Delegation to Show Solidarity with the Venezuelan People and Democratically Elected Government
Green Party members who are part of a US Peace Council Peace Delegation to Venezuela we will be meeting with President Maduro this afternoon. The meeting includes four Greens:

Ajamu Baraka, a member of the steering committee of US Peace Council and National Organizer of Black Alliance for Peace.

Margaret Flowers, co-director of Popular Resistance.
Kevin Zeese, co-director of Popular Resistance and advisory board member of World Beyond War
Joe Lombardo, national coordinator of the United National Antiwar Coalition.
The Peace Delegation came to Venezuela on a fact-finding mission and to show solidarity with the Venezuelan people and the legitimately democratic government. They met with the President of the Venezuelan National Electoral Council, Tibisay Lucena, which is one of the five independent branches of Venezuelan government for two hours yesterday. They also had a 90-minute meeting with the Venezuelan Foreign Minister, Jorge Arreaza. They also visited shanty towns and barrios, as well as farm and livestock urban cooperatives that are building a resistance economy in Venezuela and medical facilities.

The delegation has been impressed by the unity of the people of Venezuela & arrived in the midst of an electrical crisis that resulted from a multi-pronged attack on the electrical grid. The people of Venezuela had to walk long distances to get buckets of water and food from the CLAPP food distribution program but there was no civil unrest or looting. The people recognize this was an attempt by the US to cause chaos and did not want to give the US any excuse to intervene. The solidarity of the people of Venezuela is one peace, justice and anti-imperialist advocates in the United States should emulate. The Green Party is committed to building solidarity with the Hands-off Venezuela movement.  Already, Greens across the country are active in their locals helping to build that movement. 

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