Joseph DeMare — Green Party environmentalist hopes to leave factory job to push social, economic justice in U.S. Senate

A factory job isn’t ideal for a politician who cares more about the environment than industry.

“Like most people, I have to make decisions to put food on the table for my family,” said Joseph DeMare, Ohio’s Green Party candidate for U.S. Senate. “But I do console myself in that some of our products go into making solar panels.”

With a master’s degree in education, DeMare is one of the most educated machinists in Perrysburg. “I did teach middle school for a little while. But it turns out it takes a special person to teach middle school and handle children. And I found out I’m not that special so I ended up as a machinist,” DeMare, 54, said of taking a job in his wife’s family business, which produces large sheets of glass for the ceramics industry.

If elected to the U.S. Senate this fall, DeMare — who considers himself and fellow Green Party members to be radicals, not run-of-the-mill liberals — would push to replace the Affordable Care Act, a system of exchanges to purchase mandated private medical insurance, with universal health care by taxing billionaires “out of existence.”

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