Anti-draft Action Day, Miami University, and the Rebellion that led to the Kent State Shootings

Anti-draft Action Day, Miami University, and the Rebellion that led to the Kent State Shootings 


April 15, 1970 was a nationwide anti-draft action day.  Here in Dayton there was a sit-in at the local draft board of about 35 people. At Miami University in Oxford, OH there was an anti-draft peace rally. At the end of the rally a student spoke “it was not enough to protest the war, people have to take action.” At that point, they marched over and occupied the Navy ROTC building. Later the black students who were organizing for a black studies program and an increase in black enrollment joined the occupation. Over 300 students were arrested making national news and rocking Ohio.


With the announcement of the invasion of Cambodia, protests occurred across the country with major protests at Ohio State and Ohio University. The week before Kent State, over 1,000 students were arrested at Ohio State protesting the war and black students there were also demanding a black studies program. During the spring of 1970, the Nixon administration orchestrated the overthrow of the Cambodian government, setting up a military dictatorship and paving the way for a US invasion.  After 11 years of war in Vietnam, the American people were growing weary of the cost in lives and money. Across the country student protests had increased both in numbers and militancy. 


At Kent State there was a sharp confrontation between police and student protestors.  On Saturday night May 2nd an unknown arsonist burned the Army ROTC building to the ground. Governor Rhodes called out the National Guard and on May 4 they fired into unarmed protesters killing 4 and wounding 9. Across the US, campuses and communities erupted into massive protests against the war, the draft, and the shootings at Kent State. Hundreds of college campuses were shut down as students went on strike, the largest student strike in US history.  In Mississippi, two black students were killed the next week. Black and white students united in calling for black studies courses, more minority enrollment at colleges, and opposition to the war.


May 4th is the 50th anniversary of the shootings at Kent State University which occurred with the Vietnam war raging. US Wars continue throughout the Middle East and Africa. Billions of dollars are being squandered in these quagmires. Hundreds of thousands of people have been killed in Iraq and Afghanistan, two of the longest wars in our history. The Trump administration continues to engage in hostile relations with Iran and other nations around the world. American foreign policy is aimed at making the world safe for US corporations, not for the people of America.


We are asking people here in Ohio and across the country join in 4 minutes of silence at noon on May 4th. to remember Kent State, two minutes of silence at noon on May 15th for Jackson State, and all the victims of our unjust wars.” GPAX is organizing a National Peace Teach-In along with other peace groups for May 20, 2020. People can make a peace poster to hold or place in front of their home or apartments. Creative art projects for peace are needed. Please help spread the word on this important effort and join online in the many efforts to end our current wars, and join us on May 4th. We need to build a massive peace movement to stand up to Trump and the WAR machine!


For Jobs and Peace,  

Logan Martinez


Green Party Peace Action Committee (GPAX)

Green Party of Ohio—Montgomery County/Dayton

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