Public Statement Re:COVID-19

Public Statement Re:COVID-19


With the current developing public health crisis surrounding the COVID-19 virus, The Ohio Green Party is officially suspending all petition efforts for our independent petition for President as well as our petition drive for party reformation.

While ensuring that voters have the widest possible choice of political options is vitally important, the health and safety of the public and of our petitioners is of paramount importance. The postponement of Ohio’s primary election until June illustrates the potential risks that public health officials believe exist.

We will be exploring legal options to file appeals regarding the existing deadlines and signature requirements needed for us to appear on the ballot again this fall, pending the resumption of circulation efforts.

In the meantime, we encourage all Ohio voters to participate in the Ohio Green Partys presidential election online by visiting us at Simply click the ‘vote now’ button at the bottom of the page to cast your ballot from the safety of your home.

We also appeal once again for individuals who wish to assist with petitioning efforts, to contact us and add your name to the list of circulators. We will mail instructions and petitions to all interested supporters once petitioning resumes. We thank all petitioners for their efforts and will update everyone with new information as it becomes available.

Nathaniel David Lane
Chair of The Ohio Green Party

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