ATTENTION all registered voters and Ohio Greens: Vote Green online TODAY and avoid the crowds at the polls!

ATTENTION all registered voters & Ohio Greens: Presidential Voting Still Open!!!


Vote Green online TODAY and avoid the crowds at the polls!

Online voting for President has begun! ANY voter may cast a ballot and become a Green if they boycott the Libertarian, Republican & Democratic primaries & pull an issues only ballot at the BOE. If you cast a ballot in the Democratic, Republican or Libertarian primary your vote will NOT be counted towards the final vote tabulation. This is very important if you wish to register Green & have your vote for President count towards our delegate allocation to the presidential nominating convention in July, when the national Green Party will choose our nominee for President!

Open on the link below and click on the “vote now” button in order to register and cast your vote.

All registrants will be cross checked with the Secretary of States database to ensure the voter is an actual registered Green Party member for early votes. For all new Greens who cast a ballot on election day, their party status will be verified following the primary election. There are 3 candidates listed on the ballot, as well as lines for write in candidates if you wish to support a candidate who is not listed. The Ohio Green Party utilizes approval voting, so you can cast a ballot in approval of as many candidates as you would like. There are also candidates profiles and links to the candidates websites available for voter guidance when making their choices. Contact the Ohio Green Party’s web admin if you are having any challenges with registering or casting your ballots. Paper ballots can also be submitted and they must be mailed to: Green Party, PO Box 1051, Youngstown Ohio, 44501. Votes must be postmarked by Tuesday, April 28th. They will be collected and counted TBA. Please include name, address, email and phone number on a separate piece of paper so that votes can be verified.

Thank you, and happy voting!

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