Green Party of Ohio endorses local initiatives to decriminalize marijuana

The Green Party of Ohio has endorsed the following marijuana decriminalization ballot initiatives that will be voted on at the November 8th general Election.

This initiatives would decriminalize possession of small amounts of marijuana (under 200 grams) for people living in those communities.

The list of locales where marijuana decriminalization will appear on the ballot are;

  • Bellaire, in Belmont County
  • Byesville, in Guernsey County
  • Logan, in Hocking County
  • Newark, in Licking County
  • Roseville, on the Perry/Muskingum County borders

The Green Party of Ohio sees decriminalization as a good first step in the eventual statewide legality of the production and usage of marijuana by average citizens.

States across the country have passed legalization and we hope the trend continues and urge our supporters in the above communities to vote yes on these ballot issues.

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