Green Party of Ohio Endorses Youngstown Community Bill of Rights

The Green Party of Ohio is urging the voters of Youngstown, Ohio to support Charter Amendment Number 6, otherwise known as the Community Bill of Rights in the election to be held on November 8th.  This amendment would codify the right of the citizens of Youngstown to enjoy the benefits of clean water, air and soil and give them the right of local control in matters of the procedure known as fracking and the disposal of wastes that are the end result of fracking.

The amendment would ban the city government or any corporation from engaging in fracking or disposing of fracking wastes within the city limits.  It would also hold accountable the parties engaging in fracking on properties adjacent to the city of Youngstown, including the Meander Creek Reservoir.   This reservoir contains the water supply for the city of Youngstown as well as other area municipalities.

The Green Party of Ohio has made the decision to support this effort because Charter Amendment Number 6 exemplifies several of our 10 Key Values, namely Grassroots Democracy, Ecological Wisdom, Decentralization, and Future Focus & Sustainability.

Several Ohio municipalities have either passed or had on the ballot similar issues and, the rulings of recent court cases notwithstanding, we applaud these efforts and will continue to do so as they are in the best interest of the citizens of the State of Ohio.

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