Green Party of Ohio issues statement of support for DAPL protestors

The Green Party of Ohio stands with and supports those who oppose the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL).

The Standing Rock Sioux tribe and others have joined forces to protest the construction by Energy Transfer Partners of the pipeline, which would cross over ancient Native American burial grounds.

In addition the proposed route would endanger Lake Oahe, the Standing Rock Reservations main source of drinking water.  The aforementioned burial grounds, though not part of the modern reservation are integral to the Sioux culture and given the historical treatment of indigenous peoples by the US government, the opposition is understandable and worthy of our support.

Green Party Presidential candidate Dr. Jill Stein joined the protestors recently and was threatened with arrest for her part in the protests.  We share Dr. Stein’s passion about the rights of the Standing Rock Sioux to maintain their culture and have a source of water that is not contaminated with pollutants, as is a very real possibility should this pipeline be finished.

The protestors have been met with pepper spray and attack dogs and the Governor of Minnesota called up the National Guard.   These actions are representative of the US governments policy of treating indigenous peoples with disdain and condescension.   It is past time for this treatment to end and it is past time to formally halt construction of this pipeline.

In the Lakota language we will simply say….Mitakuye Oyasin

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