Green Party of Ohio issues formal candidate endorsements

Cleveland, OH (3-9-16)  — The Green Party of Ohio State Central Committee has formally endorsed the following candidates for the Primary election to be held on Tuesday March 15th, 2016.


These candidates exemplify what it means to be members of the Green Party of Ohio and the Green Party of the United States

This year, public sentiment is growing against the corporate backed parties.  The machinations we are witnessing in both the Republican and Democratic primaries have exposed the myth that either of those parties have the best interests of the American public in mind.   In the last statewide race in Ohio we garnered over 100,000 votes.  We are the only alternative party with ballot access in the state, and we do not rely on large donations from political action committees or corporate donors.   Our strength lies in the people, people who have realized that “Politics as Usual” is neither effective nor conducive to good governance.  Ohio law dictates the only way to join a political party is by casting a vote in that party’s primary.   Please join us in casting a vote for the Green Party of Ohio on March 15.

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