Q & A with Joe Manchik, Green Party candidate for Ohio’s 12th Congressional District

FB_IMG_1457802559852The following is a Q & A with Joe Manchik, Green Party candidate for the United States House of Representatives in Ohio’s 12th Congressional District. TNS: How long have you’ve lived in Ohio? I moved to Ohio after I graduated from high school in Michigan to attend college at the Ohio Institute of Technology in 1971 and have been living in Ohio ever since then. I have also lived in Ohio’s 12th Congressional district since 1983. TNS: How did you come to join the Green Party of Ohio? I first joined the Green Party when I voted for Green Party presidential candidate Ralph Nader in 1996 and have always voted for Green Party candidates running for office ever since. I first came to know of Ralph Nader and gained a lot of respect for this man when he took on the giant manufacturing corporation General Motors in the 1960s over the “Unsafe At Any Speed” Chevrolet Corvair automobile and have been following him ever since. I was proud to vote for Ralph Nader when I had the opportunity to do so in 1996 and I am still proud of that decision today. Complete article here

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