A message from the Green Party of Ohio

Greetings From the Ohio Green Party!
It’s Spring, and the Greens are growing! In 2016, the Ohio Green Party almost doubled in size. We now have almost 5,000 “official” Green Party members, and nearly 200,000 votes were cast for Green candidates. In 2017, we are anticipating fielding a record number of candidates for local offices, and we are already gearing up to run candidates for Governor, U.S. Senate, Ohio State Legislature, and other offices in 2018. It’s an exciting time to be a Green, and you can help us build a Green future!
This growth is happening because, for decades now, there have been dedicated Greens fighting to keep our Party going here in Ohio. From our Co-Chair, Bob Fitrakis battling the Ohio Legislature to overturn unconstitutional laws that would have abolished the Green Party, to Anita Rios’s history making run for Governor in 2014 when she earned over 3% of the vote, to the hundreds of rank and file Greens who’ve carried petitions and gone door to door, we have been fighting for a future that is truly democratic, ecologically sustainable, socially just, and peaceful. 
Right now, we have four women running for the May 2nd primary in Bowling Green (Pictured above). Two of them will be on the fall ballot. We also have a City Council candidate in Lorain, and others working to get on the ballot in Cincinnati, Columbus, Toledo, Cleveland, and other places. Running Greens for local office is one of the most powerful ways to ensure a Green future. Most races in 2017 are non-partisan, which means petitions are due in August. Please consider running for office in 2017 or 2018. The Party has experienced candidates who can give you advice, and the state Party may even be able to provide some financial assistance. If you believe in our Principles of Ecological Wisdom, Grassroots Democracy, Social Justice, and Non-Violence, please run. One of our objectives is to try to have Green candidates running for every Ohio State Legislative District. If we have candidates for every office, we will win at least some of them. Running for Ohio House or Senate requires very few petition signatures and can be done effectively with very little money. We are asking YOU to consider running for Ohio State House or Senate in 2018. We’ll help you take the next step from activist to candidate! 
The Governor’s race in 2018 is vitally important to the Ohio Green Party. Our candidate will again have to earn at least 3% of the vote in order to keep our Party status. But, aiming for 3% is not enough. We need to aim to win that race if we want to reverse the terrible effects of a Republican controlled state legislature. Some Greens have already stepped forward and plan to run, but we need more. We also need people who are willing to carry petitions, and to help spread the word in the primaries and general election.
As Greens, we understand some things that other Parties don’t. We know that we need to move to a 100% carbon free energy future. You can’t compromise with CO2. We know that we have to fix the wealth gap by raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour and taxing the rich. We know that Capitalism is inherently flawed, and we have to rework the economy to benefit everyone and protect the Earth. Finally, we know that the only real obstacles to a clean, Green and peaceful future are political. We have the technology and the knowledge. That’s why we’re committed to taking political power away from those who now have it and returning it to the People. We know this CAN’T be done by taking money from the rich or from corporations. That’s why we are asking people like you to become regular donors to the Ohio Green Party. Please help us save the future.
Thank You, 
Joseph DeMare
Political Director
Ohio Green Party
Paid for by the Ohio Green Party, Tekla Taylor-Lagway, Treasurer. Send donations to “Ohio Green Party” c/o Tekla Taylor-Lagway, 5100 Kingshill Drive, Columbus, Ohio, 43229

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