Stop Nuclear Bailouts

STOP HB 434 RALLY at Noon – Wednesday May 18, 2022

Ohio Statehouse – West front sidewalk – Columbus

Speakers: Pat Marida, Ohio Nuclear Free Network

Terry Lodge, Attorney, and others

HB 434 – The “Advanced Nuclear Technology Helping Energize Mankind (ANTHEM) Act” is another radioactive taxpayer boondoggle has passed the Ohio House and has moved on to the Ohio Senate!

They haven’t even revoked HB6 yet, and not one of the conspirators in HB6 has gone to jail – but this is an even bigger swindle.

One company stands to benefit – eGeneration, of Cleveland, and the floodgate will be open for others – This is Corporate Welfare

HB434 will create an unaccountable nuclear agency with no responsibility to the public. The agency will be buried in the notoriously secretive JobsOhio nonprofit corporation, excused from public accessibility under the Open Records Act, the Sunshine Act, and Ohio’s ethics laws; will have no budget limits on use of taxpayer funds; provides no financial protections for the public from accidents or spills; is vague about radioactive waste handling and disposal, and many other important aspects.

sponsored by:

Ohio Nuclear Free Network – Our Revolution – Green Party of Ohio

The Green Party of Ohio opposes HB434 and supports the right of communities to know what is in their neighborhood and have a say in decisions that affect their health, safety and quality of life.





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