Endorses Call for Dissolving FirstEnergy Corporation

Endorsements of organizations for Unplug FirstEnergy

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Philena Farley, Co-Chair pifbits@ohiogreens.org, 614-859-9147 Daryl Davis, Anti-Nuke Committee, daryl237@yahoo.com ,  216-848-6912 FirstEnergy Accountability Coalition, ohio@movetoamend.org COLUMBUS, OH MAY 28, 2024 – The Ohio Green Party stands in solidarity with environmental and democracy good government organizations, consumers, and concerned citizens in their demand for the dissolution of FirstEnergy Corporation. As endorsers … Read more

Unplug FirstEnergy

Unplug FirstEnergy Corporation:  Dissolve the Company / Revoke its Corporate Charter After the largest bribery scandal in Ohio’s history, are we at last ready as self-governing people to appropriately act on behalf of consumers, the environment, and democracy?  It’s time to hold FirstEnergy Corporation accountable in proportion to the scale of its historic admitted crime … Read more

Ohio Green Party Denounces Senate Bill 137

RankTheVoteOhio at ComFest 2023

Ohio Green Party of the United States ohiogreens.org For Immediate Release: DATE: February 2, 2024 Philena Farley, State Co-chair pifbits@ohiogreens.org , 614-859-9147 David Ellison Cuyahoga County, Co-chair, david@dhellison.com, 216-631-0557 Ohio Green Party Denounces Senate Bill 137 – Another Insult and Attack on Democracy Columbus, OH – The Ohio Green Party condemns Senate Bill 137, legislation … Read more

HB308 – Nuclear is NOT Green!

  Ohio Green Party of the United States ohiogreens.org For Immediate Release: December 13, 2023 Philena Farley, Co-Chair pifbits@ohiogreens.org , 614-859-9147 Daryl Davis, Anti-Nuke Committee, daryl237@yahoo.com ,  216-848-6912 David Ellison, Co-Chair of the Cuyahoga County david@dhellison.com 216-631-0557 For Immediate Release Ohio Green Party Declares: Nuclear Power is NOT Green – HB308 is a Dangerous Misdirection … Read more

Vote No on August 8th – SJR2

We Stands in Solidarity Against Attack on Democracy On Wednesday, May 10, 2023, the Ohio House of Representatives voted 62-37 to pass Senate Joint Resolution 2 (SJR2), which would make it more difficult for Ohioans to amend the state constitution. The amendment would require a 60% supermajority vote to pass, up from the current simple … Read more

Citizen Forum on Radioactive Contamination and the Future of the Portsmouth Nuclear Site

We are excited to announce an upcoming event organized by the Ohio Nuclear Free Network (ONFN) that focuses on the critical issue of radioactive contamination, its impact on public health and the environment, and the future of the Portsmouth Nuclear Site. We invite you to attend and participate in this informative Citizen Forum, where renowned … Read more

Ohio’s Voter ID Law Disenfranchises Low-Income Communities

Ohio’s recently passed voter ID law, which eliminates the option to use certain forms of identification, has raised concerns about voter suppression and the disenfranchisement of low-income communities. Under the new law, only a limited set of IDs will be accepted for voting, including an Ohio driver’s license, state ID, passport, military ID, and certain … Read more