89th Anniversary of the WPA Demands a Green New Deal NOW

    Time is running out! On May 6, 1935, President Franklin D. Roosevelt took a groundbreaking step by establishing the Works Progress Administration (WPA) with executive order 7034. The WPA was monumental, employing approximately 8.5 million Americans to construct vital infrastructure like schools, hospitals, and roads, while also championing the arts for African Americans. … Read more

From Weak COP28 to Band-Aid US Bill: Ohio Green Party Calls for Revolution, Not Tinkering

Ohio Green Party of the United States ohiogreens.org For Immediate Release: December 15, 2023 Philena Farley, Co-chair pifbits@ohiogreens.org , 614-859-9147 Daryl Davis, Anti-Nuke Committee, daryl237@yahoo.com ,  216-848-6912 Ohio Green Party Condemns Half-Measures on Uranium and Climate as COP28 Falters Columbus, OH – While the ink dries on a weak and insufficient agreement at COP28, the … Read more