#NoNewJails – Demand Criminal Justice Reforms in NE Ohio

Legislative action to address criminal justice reforms. LEGISLATIVE ACTION: Reform laws that criminalize poverty. Reform laws that criminalize the mentally ill. Reform laws that criminalize addiction. Reform laws that criminalize drug use. Reform laws that criminalize homelessness. Reform laws that criminalize people of color. Demand a moratorium on new jails statewide. The state of Ohio … Read more


The Ohio Nuclear Free Network     316 North Michigan Street, Suite 520           Toledo, OH 43604-5627 March 30, 2022 For further information contact:  Terry Lodge (419) 205-7084; tjlodge50@yahoo.com   Patricia Marida (614) 286-4851; patmarida@outlook.com   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                                                                       OHIO HOUSE PASSES BILL CREATING SECRET NUCLEAR DEVELOPMENT AGENCY;                                                                   OPPONENTS VOW TO FIGHT ON IN SENATE The Ohio House voted on … Read more

Ranked Choice Voting is a Better Way to Vote

News Release FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE February 24, 2022 MEDIA CONTACT Kyle Herman, Co-Executive Director of Rank the Vote Ohio, kherman@rankthevoteohio.org, 330-310-8561 Regardless of District Lines, Ranked Choice Voting is a Better Way to Vote Attorney General Yost suggests Ranked Choice Voting (RCV). Ohio nonpartisan nonprofit is poised to provide education and resources. STATEWIDE IN OHIO … Read more

Ranked Choice Voting Day

January 23 2022 is officially RCV Day. 1-2-3 Ranking Day. On this day, we will stand up for instant runoffvoting (RCV) across the country, and we will win. For too long, Democrats and Republicans haveconspired to keep us from having real choices. They’ve used every dirty trick in the book to prevent usfrom being able … Read more

M4M4ALL Columbus Protest

All across the country, people are coming together to demand that healthcare be treated as a human right. Our communities are being crippled by the rising cost of healthcare. In Ohio, many families lack access to healthcare due to the state’s refusal to expand Medicaid. The Green Party calls for universal single-payer healthcare through an improved Medicare for All system.

The Green Party is strong supporter of the Medicare for All legislation. Green Party members and supporters will be marching in cities across the country on July 24, 2021. We urge you to participate in one of the 1,000 events taking place that day. The event nearest to Columbus will be starting at 11:00 A.M. at the State Capital.

Unified People’s Coalition is partnered in hosting & organizing this event in Columbus! https://www.mobilize.us/marchformedicareforallm4m4all-1/event/395929/