Endorses Call for Dissolving FirstEnergy Corporation



COLUMBUS, OH MAY 28, 2024 – The Ohio Green Party stands in solidarity with environmental and democracy good government organizations, consumers, and concerned citizens in their demand for the dissolution of FirstEnergy Corporation. As endorsers of this critical initiative, we believe that holding FirstEnergy accountable is essential to safeguarding our environment, protecting consumers, and preserving democratic self-governance.

FirstEnergy Corporation, a major electric utility company, has been embroiled in a historic bribery scandal. The company admitted to paying approximately $61 million to a nonprofit secretly operated by former GOP Speaker of the Ohio House, Larry Householder, who is currently serving a prison sentence. Additionally, FirstEnergy made a $4.3 million payment to the state’s top utility regulator, Sam Randazzo, who was recently indicted and has since passed away. These bribes were intended to secure the passage of House Bill 6 (HB6), a $1.3 billion bailout for two antiquated, failing nuclear power plants owned by FirstEnergy.

Philena Farley, Ohio Green Party Co-Chair states, “FirstEnergy’s historic bribery scheme undermines our democracy and harms our environment. Dissolving the corporation is the proportionate response. As Greens, we stand firmly on our Consumer Protection plank, advocating for transparency, fairness, and affordability for all Ohioans.”

The FirstEnergy Accountability Coalition, composed of concerned citizens and advocacy groups sending a clear message that no corporation is above the law, and accountability must prevail.  “FirstEnergy’s actions have had detrimental effects on our environment.” declared Daryl Davis, Anti-Nuke Committee, of the Ohio Green Party.  “We cannot ignore the consequences of supporting failing nuclear power plants that endanger our ecosystems and contribute to climate change.”

The press conference will take place at the Governor Thomas Worthington Center, ground level at the Ohio Statehouse, corner of Broad and High streets in Columbus, beginning at 11:30 am.

The Green Party advocates the phase-out of nuclear and coal power plants. All processes associated with nuclear power are dangerous, from the mining of uranium to the transportation and disposal of the radioactive waste. Coal is the largest contributor to climate change with estimates as high as 80%.

The generation of nuclear waste must be halted. It is hazardous for thousands of years and there is no way to isolate it from the biosphere for the duration of its toxic life. We oppose public subsidies for nuclear power. Cost is another huge factor making it infeasible, with each new nuclear power plant costing billions of dollars.

Following the press conference, attendees will march to the office of Attorney General David Yost. Banners, signs, and handouts will call for Yost to take decisive action and “Unplug FirstEnergy.” Yost has already filed a civil suit against FirstEnergy Corporation, seeking its dissolution or reorganization under the Ohio Revised Code 2923.34(B)(3).

May 29 marks the fifth anniversary of the passage of HB6 by the Ohio House of Representatives. As we reflect on the past, let us also look toward a future where corporate accountability and environmental justice prevail.


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