Public Statement Re:COVID-19

Public Statement Re:COVID-19   With the current developing public health crisis surrounding the COVID-19 virus, The Ohio Green Party is officially suspending all petition efforts for our independent petition for President as well as our petition drive for party reformation. While ensuring that voters have the widest possible choice of political options is vitally important, … Read more

ATTENTION all registered voters and Ohio Greens: Vote Green online TODAY and avoid the crowds at the polls!

ATTENTION all registered voters & Ohio Greens: Presidential Voting Still Open!!!   Vote Green online TODAY and avoid the crowds at the polls! Online voting for President has begun! ANY voter may cast a ballot and become a Green if they boycott the Libertarian, Republican & Democratic primaries & pull an issues only ballot at … Read more

GREENS: Greenbacks, Cure for Global Emergency

GREEN PARTY OF THE UNITED STATES   For Immediate Release: Friday, March 3, 2020   GREENS: Greenbacks, Cure for Global Emergency   WASHINGTON, D.C. — Green Party leaders say the greed driven financial industry has driven the world into a multi-dimensional global emergency and its only response is to find ways to profit off … Read more

Guest Speaker: Markie Miller Ohio PNC2020

Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund-associated Toledoans for Safe Water organizer Markie Miller Alumna Markie Miller received her bachelor’s degree in anthropology at UToledo. She also has a master’s degree in environmental science from the University of Idaho. She is a member of Toledoans for Safe Water, a board member for the Ohio Community Rights Network … Read more

Anti-War Teach-Ins Fall 2019

As the Trump administration moves towards war with Iran and after 18 years of wars across the Middle East and Africa, there is a huge need for peace education, outreach and action. We are encouraging peace groups to organize anti-war teach-ins on college campuses and in communities in the coming months.   One possible theme should … Read more

Stefania Czech for Toledo

We ask all Ohio Green Party members to join together and help support Stefania Czech, an endorsed Green running for Toledo City Council in District 2. Stefania must make it past the Primary election on Tuesday, September 10th and Greens from across the country are getting out the vote for Stefania. Stefania has been a … Read more

US War Machine must be stopped!

NYC Peace Actions Sept. 20-23, 2019     The US War Machine must be stopped, and only we can stop it. That’s why we are organizing the People’s Mobilization to Stop the US War Machine, a series of actions in New York City from September 20 to 23 while the United Nations General Assembly meets. … Read more

No Nukes – HB6 Protest

NO NUKES! Anti-HB6 Protests Scheduled Across Ohio Scheduled Protests: TOLEDO: Monday, June 3, 4:30 to 6:30PM, 300 Madison Ave. (Toledo Edison Building. COLUMBUS: Wednesday, June 5, 4:30 to 6:30PM, Ohio Statehouse, corner of 3rd and State. AKRON: Friday, June 7, 4:30 to 6:30PM, Venue to be determined. House Bill 6 would eliminate Ohio’s energy efficiency … Read more